Issue: #15

Available: 2006

Editor: Don Williams

Published by: NMW

Cover Art: Cynthia Markert

Formats: Paperback

Issue 15 — 2006


(Cover Painting by Cynthia Markert)

Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… The Burden of Molecules, Enoch Arden’s One Night Stands, River Phoenix and the Uncrossed River, New Kid’s Revenge, The Scrupulous Man, and Voluptuous Woman on a Porch.

Poetry by Poet Laureate Ted Kooser
An Interview with Julia Glass
An Excerpt from Allen Wier’s long-awaited novel, TEHANO
Enoch Arden’s One Night Stands, by Jacob M. Appel

Also, NMW Award Winners, Humor, Writing Advice, and Much More…


An Interview with Julia Glass… A Palette of Words, by Sherry Ellis


Allen Wier • Charlotte Warren • Peter Selgin • Steve Taylor • Robert Vivian • Michael Phillipps • Noel Kalenian • Sarah Flygare • Noëlle Wall • Joshua Leavitt • Jacob M. Appel • Tanio McCallum • Renèe Ruderman • Justin Vicari • Ted Kooser • Robert von Stein Redick • and many more.



Every issue contains award-winning fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry, with NMW Award Winners, NMW Interviews, writing advice, tributes, and much more.