Issue: #17


Editor: Don Williams

Published by: NMW

Cover Art: Walt Fieldsa

Formats: Paperback

Issue 17 (2007-08)

(Cover Art by Walt Fieldsa)

The “Treatise of Life” Issue

Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… Disposable Brides and Sugar Daddies, the Romance of Military Speak Management, Hazardous Cargoes, What If Osama Didn’t Do It, A Comeuppance on Columbus Day, This I Pray, and Lone Wolf in January.

Also, NMW Award Winners, Humor, Writing Advice, and Much More.

These Things Sell Themselves, by George Bandy


Patricia Brieschke • Victor Lister • Anwar Accawi • Gary P. Victor • Mira Dusho • Jacob Appel • Hal Ackerman • Mark Holden • Cynthia Reeves • Philip T. Carter • George Bandy • Ruth Thompson • Vivian Shipley • Susan Cohen • Tom Lombardo • Marybeth Boyanton • Laurel Still • and many more.


J. D. Salinger’s Lost Love Letters, by Neil Cohen

Every issue contains award-winning fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry, with NMW Award Winners, plus NMW Interviews, writing advice, tributes, and much more.