Issue: #18

Available: 2009

Editor: Don Williams

Published by: NMW

Cover Art: Mark Sieger

Formats: Paperback

Issue 18 (2009)

(Cover Art by Mark Sieger)

The Vonnegut Issue

Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… The Most Interesting Thing in the World, Mother Night, Winter Oranges, Losing Africa, Peeling Onions, A Haunting Down Under, Vietnam Pays a Visit, A Principled Self-Immolation, Snake Dreaming, Wildfile Hellfire, Alaska, Cat Consciousness, The Taste of War, Doves Sleeping in Sand.

No Longer Strangers, by Adrienne Pond

Losing Africa, by Eve Brown


Susan Chiavelli • David Hunter • Louise Aronson • Jacob Appel • Sarah Coury • Jenny Gumpertz
Barbara Zimmermann • Stephen Irwin • Asha Vose • Don Mitchell • Cathy Kodra • Ralph Ryan • Ellen Sullins • M. Garrett Bauman • Britton Gildersleeve • Harry Bauld • Mil Norman-Risch • and many more.


Kurt Vonnegut on the Banks of the Big Tennessee, by Don Williams

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