Issue: #19

Available: 2010

Editor: Don Williams

Published by: NMW

Cover Art: David Joyner

Formats: Paperback

Issue 19 — 2010


Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… Fake Cakes and Orgasms, The Ghost of Obama’s Grandma, Southern Discomfort, Upstate Bedtime Stories, The Boy With A Camera, Grass Shrimp, Cops’ Wives and Lovers, On Leaving North Dakota, String Theory, Sun Songs, and Swimming Under Salvador. Also, Our Best Poems Yet (one by Obama), NMW Award Winners, Humor, Writing Advice, and Much More..

America the Beautiful by Tim Johnson

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Barack Obama • Frances Payne Adler  • Allison Alsup • Barbara Zimmermann • Rusty Dolleman  • Sarah Miller • Katharine Goodridge Ingram  • Melanie M. Hoffert • Lucy Sieger • Naomi Ruth Lowinsky • Suellen Wedmore • Tim Johnson • Ed Frankel  • Trish Lindsey Jaggers • RB Morris • Deborah DeNicola • and many more.


The Late John Updike, on God, Rabbits, Sex & Writing by Don Williams


Every issue contains award-winning fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry, with NMW Award Winners, NMW Interviews, writing advice, tributes, and much more.