Monthly Muse Results

The results for our most recent Monthly Muse ("Home" and "Music") are in!

The winners and finalists are listed below, along with links to each winning piece.

HOME: Winners and Finalists

“Advent Calendar” by Cezanne Alexander

“Little House” by Constance Campana

“SALT: A Homecoming” by Susan Maeder

+ Finalists

  • Susan Baller-Shepard, “Myra and the Clawed Frog”
  • Kelly Caldwell, “Perihelion”
  • Jennifer Lang, “Neither Here Nor There”
  • Cynthia McVay, “Field Farm”
  • Jacob Paul Patchen, “Where We Come From”
MUSIC: Winners and Finalists

“Whatever Gets You Through the Night” by Sally Lipton Derringer

“Tastes” by Kirk McDavitt

“A Tale of Two Concerts” by Jeanne Wilkinson

+ Finalists

  • Melody Breyer-Grell, “Howling to Stan Getz”
  • Jessica Epstein, “Fiddler’s Neck”
  • Lori Levy, “When I’m Old and Demented”
  • Dan Woessner, “The Lonely Hearts Club”
  • Rob Wright, “Catching the Blues”

“The Wolf in Me” by Ginny Lowe Connors

“Treats” by Brian Feehan

“President Marilyn Monroe Devours Her Young” by Joanna Koch

+ Finalists

  • PS Cottier, “Lax”
  • Myles Ehrlich, “Long Exposure”
  • Evelyn King, “The Monsters Under My Bed”
  • Megan LeAnne, “Habit”
  • Donald McCarthy, “First Date”

“Jordan & Karyn,” by Jude Brewer

“The One That Got Away,” by Adrienne Garrison

“ICARUS,” by Annie Dawid

+ Finalists

  • Honora Ní Aódagaín, “The Rituals of Love in Everyday Life”
  • John Barrale, “The Burden”
  • Maame Blue, “A Cautious Friend”
  • Jessica Epstein, “New Vocabulary”
  • Sue Powers, “He Said, She Said”
Parenthood/Childhood Winners and Finalists

“From the Garden,” by Michele Flynn

“Folie Á Deux,” by Laura Rose

“Perfection,” by Molly Seale

+ Finalists

  • Carrie Bailey, “Open Letter to my Single Teenage Mother, a Career Waitress”
  • Diarmaid O Cuanain, “Revive”
  • Chris Guppy, “No Right to be Wine”
  • Bruce Rettig, “Rabbit Hole”
  • Ellie Roscher, “The Silence and the Cry”

“Apples,” by Laura Maynard

“Taking Our Time,” by Jonathan Segol

“Ice Lessons,” by M.K. Sturdevant

+ Finalists

  • Honora Ní Aódagaín, “When Heroes Die”
  • Meredith Escudier, “My Father’s Eyes”
  • Nina Gaby, “Observations from the Girl Who Wasn’t Even Under the Bridge”
  • Rowan Groth, “Bye-Bye Johnny, Johnny Bye-Bye”
  • Carolyn Watkins, “The Born”