45th Writing Awards – November 30 Deadline

  • 44th New Millennium Writing Awards
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Award Winners & Finalists



New Millennium Nonfiction Prize

Anne Gudger of Portland, Oregon for “Dendrites” [READ IT]

New Millennium Fiction Prize

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New Millennium Flash Fiction Prize

Adam Sifre of Wayne, NJ for “Papa’s Parrot” [READ IT]

New Millennium Poetry Prize

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• Nonfiction •

David Berner
“The Runaway”
Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Laura Carey
“Father Figure”
Chico, California

Ioanna Carlsen
“My Mother Comes from Another World”
Tesuque, New Mexico

Linda Chase
“He Was Henry Hudson”
Rhinebeck, New York

Maryah Converse
“What Never Happened with Ahmed”
Newark, New Jersey

June Mears Driedger
“Bearing Witness”
Lansing, Michigan

Eden Elieff
“The Will To Find a Testament”
Dallas, Texas

Maya Fanjul-Debnam
“Lessons from my mother”
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Megan Fulwiler
“Sanctuary Sites”
Vergennes, Vermont

Calvin Hennick
“The World’s Most Boring Drinking Problem”
Milton, Massachusetts

Gina Iaquinta
“Tastes They Left”
Brooklyn, New York

Ella Jacobson
“Ten Years of Signs”
Brooklyn, New York

Lisa Lebduska
“The Things We Saved”
Salem, Connecticut

Sandra Miller
“A Heart Song in Four Chambers”
Arlington, Massachusetts

Varley O’Connor
“The Little Coat”
Cleveland Heights, OH

Reg Saner
“The Road’s Motion”
Boulder, CO

Colette Sartor
“The House on Bentley Avenue”
Los Angeles, California

Morgan Smith
“Hidden Treasures”
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tomi Tunrarebi
Los Angeles, California

Mary Wysong-Haeri
“Black Friday”
Portland, Oregon

• Fiction •


• Flash Fiction •

Alex Apuzzo
Clintondale, NY

Sarah Bradley
“Sweet Potato Baby”
East Haven, CT

Laine Cunningham
“The Merboy in Her Life”
Hillsborough, NC

Madie Dhaliwal
Beverly Hills, California

Elizabeth Erbeznik
“Fly Season”
Austin, TX

Jaclyn Fowler
“Mama Joanne”
United Arab Emirates

Joel Freiburger
“A Letter, Three Bodies, and a Car Wreck”
Glen Ellyn, IL

Lorien House
“The Perfect Essay”
Tijeras, NM

Michelle Hsu
“Venus, from the Sea”
Studio City, CA

Eubert McLeod
Bronx, NY

Joe Milan Jr.
“Oarsmen Wanted”
Las Vegas, NV

Jason Miller
“What Are the Chances”
Bloomington, IN

Eli Mitchell
“Ferrying the Dread”
Knoxville, TN

Frank Ortega
“Cherokee Blue”
Cold Spring, NY

Sebastian Sangervasi
San Francisco, CA

Susan Segal
Irvine, CA

Jesse Sensibar
“One More Reason Not to Sleep with People You Don’t Know Very Well”
Flagstaff, AZ

Luke Tennis
“On Puraran Beach”
Baltimore, MD

Lyzette Wanzer
San Francisco, CA

Emma Whitehall
United Kingdom

• Poetry •