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Submitted onOctober 15, 2019

I have always wanted to submit to the prestigious New Millennium writing competition because of its reputation in launching new author's careers!

Submitted onJuly 25, 2019

This is something I've wanted to try to do for a long time-- submitting work to contests and publications, that is-- but it took a long time to build up the courage to do so. NMW was always on my shortlist when I started considering it seriously. This site and the atmosphere surrounding it is very straightforward and personal. It made me feel like taking the risk was okay.

Submitted onJuly 25, 2019

The website presents an inspiring view of the content of each issue, from topics that seem simple like Love, to the hardcore need for Radical Inclusion. I have great respect for New Millennium Writings and the forward-thinking contributions to the world of literature. Keep going!

Submitted onJuly 21, 2019

As editor and publisher of the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild literary magazine,, I love finding published stories and poetry from those who put their thoughts on paper beautifully. New Millennium Writings provides delightful surprises in every issue.

Submitted onJuly 21, 2019

Because you were in Poets and Writers, and from past contests I trust your integrity. l have an email where, in other contests, selectors are told to select winners and also-rans by grabbing them at random from the slush pile without reading the entries.

Submitted onJuly 20, 2019

I love that you are forgiving to the inexperience of fledgling writers, that you have opened and expanded your topics and removed barriers to entry, as opposed to so many other venues. Thank you!

Submitted onJuly 15, 2019

I chose to participate after reading the 2018 and 2017 winners of this award. I appreciated the quality of writing and thought that this contest was a suitable avenue to share my work.

Submitted onJuly 15, 2019

The history and the nature of the collections are extremely impressive and would be an honor to be a part.

Submitted onJuly 13, 2019

Your prose felt like a hug.

Submitted onJuly 12, 2019

New Millennium Writings is shining a spotlight on some of the best authors around! Their work is raw and real, and being a part of that is next to nothing.

Submitted onJuly 12, 2019

I admire New Millennium Writings, a great place for my stories.

Submitted onJuly 10, 2019

Submitting was easy and inviting, the UI not plagued with cumbersome redundancies. It is streamlined and gets to the heart of the matter: the writing.

Submitted onJuly 10, 2019

I've always been a huge fan of New Millennium -- the work is always fresh and it's really encouraging for a new writer like me to see a publication so encouraging of new voices and styles.

Submitted onJuly 4, 2019

When I first started as a writer, New Millennium Writings listed one of my stories as a finalist. This boosted my hope and enthusiasm to continue. I hope to land the top spot as an award winner by a group known for its commitment to high quality literature.

Submitted onJuly 2, 2019

I chose to submit to NMW because of the positive encouragement the team has for new writers. It was refreshing to learn how NMW's team is honored to read submissions of every levels and all subjects. I'm meeting NMW for the first time, and am very grateful to have found you.

Submitted onJuly 2, 2019

I'm excited to potentially contribute to a publication working creatively to bridge print to web, keeping writing alive in both formats, particularly my beloved printed tangible page.

Submitted onJuly 1, 2019

My attention was caught by your rule of 'no restrictions'. Writing is such a vast world to explore, and I love the idea that you are willing to try anything and everything in the search for a good story. Giving writers the opportunity to promote their work regardless of what genre or style they may choose is really admirable to see.

Submitted onJune 28, 2019

I submitted and lost a few years ago, but when I read the issue, I
found the winners to be fantastic and deserving writers.

Submitted onJune 24, 2019

New Millenium Writings is a journal of exceptional writing, where one day I hope to be proudly published.

Submitted onJune 23, 2019

I've heard very good things about New Millennium Writings, and those who have participated previously have had nothing but good things to say about it.

Submitted onJune 23, 2019

NMW was supportive to me early in my writing career and I value that connection.

Submitted onJune 23, 2019

I noticed your 2019 New Millennium Writings Awards competition on the Submittable website, and decided to check out your publication. I ended up spending a few hours reading story after story. I couldn't stop. They were so alluring. My personal favorite was the powerfully thought-provoking, "False Memory" by Marsh Rose. After reading it, I found myself questioning my own memories. Do I make them more appealing in my mind? Do I alter the facts to make myself more likable? I wish I had a journal to correct my fabricated or altered memories... or perhaps I don't.
After reading "False Memory", I was inspired to submit my own personal narrative of trying to figure out how best to mother a child with Autism in middle school.
Thank you for your inspiration and a special thanks goes to the amazing writers in your publication that stole a few hours out of my busy day to bring me into different countries, different lives, and different worlds.

Submitted onJune 21, 2019

I love how supportive NMW is of budding artists with their fearless voice and uncensored content. To be considered for publication in such a bold, vivid and vibrant journal that is abjectly unafraid of being such is an unparalleled honor. Not to mention, this would be my first time.

Submitted onJune 21, 2019

I really appreciate the New Millennium Writings approach to supporting and fostering writers and developing new talent. As a writer who's new on the scene of creative nonfiction, it gives me great hope to be able to interact with an organization like New Millennium Writings!

Submitted onJune 19, 2019

I'm grateful for New Millennium Writings for giving all writers, regardless of experience, the opportunity to share their work.

Submitted onJune 19, 2019

NMW represents the best of what literary presses have to offer in terms of their commitment to writers as well as to the literary community. Their standards for stories, essays, and poems are among the best that exist, particularly for their recognition of new and emerging writers.

Submitted onJune 19, 2019

I like the friendliness and encouraging tone of this publication. Also the content!

Submitted onJune 15, 2019

I appreciate the solid reputation your journal has. I have had luck as a finalist in one of your contests before and find the editors to be welcoming and enthusiastic. I enjoyed reading the selections in the print journal. Overall, your advertising is excellent.

Submitted onJune 14, 2019

Your reputation with authors you've published is encouraging.

Submitted onJuly 31, 2019

Motivating to have different choices all in one package!

Submitted onJuly 31, 2019

As I said before (sorry, without understanding the process I entered twice in two different categories), I love the work that NMW publishes and supports.

Submitted onJuly 31, 2019

I wrote poetry when I was younger and just recently have reconnected with the craft.

Submitted onJuly 31, 2019

I really admire NMW and the support they give to the literary community.

Submitted onJuly 31, 2019

I am always grateful for your careful, considerate reading of my work and your contests keep me motivated.

Submitted onJuly 27, 2019

I love the variety in your publication and am excited to participate in this contest!

Submitted onJuly 26, 2019

I've wanted to improve in writing and decided to try my hand in poetry. I'm very new to creative writing in general and I've realized there's something really satisfying and fun about poetry. I felt happy with my poem, and getting out of my comfort zone by entering my work publicly gives me that somewhat rare sense of pride in myself. I feel good and enjoy myself when I'm doing something creative.

Submitted onJuly 18, 2019

I like the look of the site(very fresh) and the quality of the poems you have selected. I'd be pleased to be included here.

“Fiction, poetry and nonfiction that will feed your soul”

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“Just a note on a Saturday afternoon when I’m supposed to be…should be grading freshman themes, but I got sidetracked when I read New Millennium Writings.…Your anthology is most impressive. I’m enjoying the Hemingway article and the story “Catfish” especially, and I plan to treat my creative writing class to your rules of writing on the last page…I think I’ll order about 30 copies for my spring classes in poetry writing…”

David Tillinghast — Clemson University, SC

“Highly recommended. NMW is one of our favorite journals.”

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