Latest Award-Winning Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction

Baptism | Ellen Pauley Goff

53rd NMW Award for Fiction.

It’s easy to forget there are places small and remote enough to have escaped the inexorable pull of “progress”… places that still bow to laws and customs all their own. Easy, too, to underestimate just how strong the clutches of those places can be.
Part ode to, part interrogation of the Southern Gothic genre, Goff’s story is here to remind us that though we may be done with the past, the past is seldom done with us.

Bird Rearing During a Pandemic | Melanie Hoffert

52nd NMW Award for Nonfiction.
Melanie Hoffert of Battle Lake, Minnesota for “Bird Rearing During a Pandemic,”​

In times of turmoil, when threats loom both externally and all-too-internally, what good can it possibly do to rescue one tiny beating heart? As Hoffert’s essay so marvelously reminds us, sometimes our own heart gets rescued too. 


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