New Millennium Awards XLI | 2016



41st New Millennium Award for Poetry

Robin Myers of Mexico City, Mexico for Love Poem for Carl Sagan (Poetry)

41st New Millennium Award for Fiction

Cady Vishniac of Columbus, Ohio for Move (Fiction)

41st New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Adrianne Aron of Berkeley, California for The Envelope Trick (Flash Fiction)

41st New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Carol D. Marsh of Washington, DC for Pictures in Leaves (Nonfiction)



Nancy Allen
Lynchburg, VA
“Firemen’s Memorial Day Bar-B-Que”

Barbara Bogue
Muncie, IN
“Sacrificial Fire”

Robert Evory​
Portage, MI
“Unmarked Grave”

Lynne Martin Bowman
Greensboro, NC
“What the Sand Has Forgotten”

David Cooke
Portland, OR
“Meat Puppet”

Ted Davis
New Rochelle, NY
“Raising the Altar”

Christina Frei
Hilversum, Netherlands
“Tree of Forgive”

Jonathan Greenhause
Jersey City, NJ
“Living in Suspension”

Lisa Gundry
Grand Rapids, MI
“Learning to Swim with Daddy”

Juli Anna Herndon
Providence, RI
“cartography, after khaled mattawa”

Christina Lovin
Richmond, KY
“Of Other Nights”

Alison Luterman
Oakland, CA
“After Watching a Horror Movie, They Sleep with the Kitten Between Them”

Bernadette McComish
Venice Beach, CA
“Five Years Later”

Edward McManis
Larkspur, CA
“DSM V God”

Barbara Mossberg
Eugene, OR
“The Avatar of Day”

Julie Rochlin
Cambridge, MA
“Ice Age”

JL Schneider
Ellenville, NY
“Poetry 210 at the DFY”

Carol Smith
Kirkland, WA

Armin Tolentino
Vancouver, WA
“Dirt Eaters Anonymous”

Lucia Zimmitti
Las Cruces, NM


Ioanna Carlsen
New Mexico
“Mexican Bus”

Kathy Conde
Denver, CO
“A Family Alphabet”

Sheldon Costa
Seattle, WA
“The Matinee”

Joan Corwin
Chicago, IL

Cora Cruz
Forest Hills, NY
“Material Conditions”

Hannah Gildea
Oregon City, OR
“Waiting for Eliza J.”

Doris Iarovici
Durham, NC

Joe Johnson
Richmond, VA
“How Far Gone”

Kathryn Kulpa
Providence, RI
“A Key into the Language of Ghosts”

Mary LaChapelle
Bronxville, NY
“Sisters of a New Order”

Terrance Manning
White Oak, PA
“Pretty Lights”

Louise Marburg
New York, NY
“Personal Wealth”

Kate McCahill
Santa Fe, NM

Rose Ellen McCaig
Boston, MA

Timothy O’Leary
Portland, OR
“Fake Girlfriend”

Janet Schneider
Berkeley, CA
“Forging Bonds”

Luvia Swanson
Asheville, NC
“Mackenzie’s Flight”

Elizabeth Taylor
Keswick, VA
“Olympic Pancake”

Margaret Vandenburg
Bloomingburg, NY
“Brave New York”

Alexander Weinstein
Ann Arbor, MI


Carly Anderson
Astoria, NY
“No Going Back”

Linda Barnhart
Womelsdorf, PA
“Cary Grant Was Here”

Sonia Christensen
Boulder, CO
“Thank You to Everyone”

Chris Connolly
Booterstown, Ireland
“A Perhaps Slightly Deranged Over-reaction”

Adah Frank
Woodstock, NY
“The Rocking Chair”

JoeAnn Hart
Gloucester, MA

Ambata Kazi
New Orleans, LA
“North Star”

Thomas Kudla
Wheaton, IL
“Dropping the A-Bomb”

Iris Litt
New York, NY
“The Bear”

Jennifer Meng
Taipei City, Taiwan
“Pact with Space Gods”

Dave Reagan
Garberville, CA
“It’s Not the Thing You Fling, But the Fling Itself That Counts”

Gerald Ryan
Elgin, IL
“Fortune Cookie”

Patricia Schultheis
Baltimore, MD

Cady Vishniac
Columbus, OH
“Early Conversations with Baby”

Kathleen C. Arceneaux
Blacksburg, VA
“Feeding Seagulls”

Kathryn Kulpa
Somerset, MA
“American Blonde”

Jayne Martin
Los Olivos, CA
“When the Bough Breaks”

Jeanette Quick
Washington, DC
“Entering the Upper Middle Class”

Bruce Rettig
Tahoe Paradise, CA
“For Baha: : February 4, 2014”

Diana Reynolds Roome
Talent, OR
“Darkly Through Glass”


Doug Alderson
Tallahassee, FL
“Bear Troubles”

Janet Buttenwieser
Seattle, WA
“Laws of Motion”

Elliott Chen
Alhambra, CA
“Alone Wolf”

Don Colburn
Portland, OR
“Which Brings Us to the Nodule”

Jenn Dean
Carnation, WA
“The Keepers of the Ghost Bird”

Robert Fieseler
Boston, MA
“New Miserable Experience”

Edna Garte
Waterford, MI
“The Creative Approach”

Karin Goodwin
The Plains, VA
“My Jade Egg”

Abriana Jetté
Staten Island NY

Mal King
Santa Paula, CA
“Living Life in Capital Letters”

Jason Kirkman
Santa Fe, NM
“Indian Wedding Travelgasm”

Holly Levinson
Short Hills, NJ
“A New Normal”

Sue Li
New York, NY
“For Spacious Skies”

Catharine Lucas
Berkeley, CA
“Just Like Anyone’s”

Holly Maurer-Klein
Pittsburgh, PA
“Period Peace”

Kate McCahill
Santa Fe, NM
“Remembering Mel”

Ed McManis
Larkspur, CA
“Why My Feet Hurt”

Petra Perkins
Denver, CO
“Grief Takes No Prisoner”

Mary Jane Reynolds
Columbia, SC
“A Certain Sacredness”

Madeline Wiseman
Lincoln, NE
“Finding the Gap on Dead Man’s Run”

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