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Vibrant imagery, word-craft, and pure storytelling talent.

Most Recent Award-Winning Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Authors

I cannot overestimate the value of winning the NMW award. I credit you with giving me a second career as a writer.
J. L. Schneider
New York
Fiction, poetry and nonfiction that will feed your soul.
New Pages
Bay City, Michigan
I like the variety, diversity, and egalitarian attitude of the editors. You display a fairness not found many other places.
S.E. Ingraham
Alberta, Canada

Be Here Pow

ISSUE 28, 2019

The 28th anthology has been doubly dedicated to the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 and to the remembrance of spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author, Baba Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert).


Kristin KostickXiao Yue (Shelly) ShanPatrick DawsonAlyson HagyMarsh RoseSeth Simons Patricia SammonEleanor BluesteinC.W. Emerson • Kemmer Anderson • AKaiser • Jack Cooper • James Cooper • Elizabeth Jackson • Heidi Seaborn • Ed Frankel • Keith Woodruff • Constsance Campana • Michele Harris • Marjorie Saiser • John Sibley Williams • Mark Scott • Trish Lindsey Jaggers • Jacqueline Berger • Yvonne Reddick • Kurt Steinwand • Sarah Blanchard • Anne Sandor • Joyce Schmid • Allen Sweat • Shuyu Cao • Sandy Longley • Alice Ashe • C.W. Emerson • Laura Polley • Robert Evory • Damen O’Brien • Jim Glenn Thatcher • Sam Griswold • Barbara Ungar • Sophia Stid • FJ Bergmann • Jim Glenn Thatcher • Victoria Richards • Lisa Dordal • Barbara Mossberg • Lois Roma-Deeley • Bracha Sharp and much more.

What color will your cover be?
Well, that’s a surprise. Available for purchase now in paperback and hardcover from the NMW Bookshop. Thanks for your support!

It's a Rad, Rad World

ISSUE 27, 2018

Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Reliance, and Radical Self-Expression are just three of the “10 Principles of Burning Man,” written by Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey in 2004 “as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture.” Larry passed away in 2018, at the age of 70. The 27th anthology has been dedicated to Harvey, his legacy, and the Burner community he helped create.

FEATURINGMary MakofskeKatie BickhamEvan McMurryCassady BlackAdam SifreMiah JeffraAnne GudgerMichele LeavittGeorganne Harmon • James R. Stack • Vernon Waring • Rachel Berghash • Jacob Paul Patchen • Jen Karetnick • Lisa Dordal • Derek Mong • Berwyn Moore • Nicole Johnson • Anna Bernstein • Ken Stahl • Katharyn Machan • Ryan Hibbett • Ruth Thompson • Akesha Baron • Jerico Lenk • Laura Budofsky Wisniewski • Desiree Hellegers • Sarah Wetzel • Ryan Lawrence • Sandy Longley • Cathleen Stewart • Bill Garten • James K. Zimmerman • Harlan Bjornstad • Shay Alexi • Cynthia Snow • Jim Glenn Thatcher • Sarah Van Arsdale • Trish Lindsey Jaggers • Megan Gieske • Lisa St. John • Roberta Senechal de la Roche • Nan Becker • Laura Rand and much more. Available for purchase from the NMW Bookshop, or on Amazon, etc.

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