Honenberger On Writing

“A well-told story should heighten all the reader’s senses, drawing him into the character’s world so that he loses his own sense of self long enough to gain some insight into his humanity.”

— Sarah C. Honenberger

New Millennium AWARD FOR Fiction

“Deep Breathing” by Sarah C. Honenberger

Published in: New Millennium Writings | Issue 8


Sarah Collins Honenberger’s prize-winning fiction has appeared in Antietam Review, New Millennium Writings, South Lit, The HooK, and other literary journals. Her latest novel Catcher, Caught is an Amazon best seller in Teens/Death & Dying. Other novels include: White Lies (2006) and Waltzing Cowboys (2009). She holds an honorary membership in the Virginia Writers’ Club and is a fellow with the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her essay, “Gathering Rosebuds: A Manifesto for Working Women,” landed her on an Oprah book club segment. She divides her time between Orange, VA and a river house in Tappahannock, the setting for Catcher, Caught. She is currently working on another river novel, Minding Henry Lewis.

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