"Infatuation" - Issue 24, 2015 Anthology

Issue 24 | 2015

Issue: #24 Available: 2015 Editor: Alexis Williams Carr Published by: New Millennium Writings

Format: Paperback Price: $12


Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… Quantum Entanglements, Snake Librarians, First Guitars, Transitional Light, The Night as Meditation, and much more…

Cover Art

“Infatuation” by Kate ‘Spinks’ Dean
Professional body painter and ‘Freestyle Body painting Champion 2009 & 2012, from Bristol, UK.

This issue’s cover art was created by one of Europe’s leading professional body painters, Kate Spinks Dean. This piece comes from her “Life In Flight” collection, and its alluring beauty resonates intensely with the writings and poems that follow. We hope it will make you, and everyone you share it with, smile.


Rosa Lane • Joan McLean • George Choundas • John Mauk • Roz Spafford • Marcia Peck
Lucy Ricciardi • Michael Caligaris • Daisy Pitkin • Deborah DeNicola • Jendi Reiter
Brittney Scott • Molly Middleton Meyer • David Lloyd • Doris Ivie • Julie Harvey • Marilyn Kallet
Lisa Dordal • Laura Still • Jim Glenn Thatcher • and many more.


Shades of Infatuation

By Alexis Williams


An Interview with Acclaimed Poet Maureen McLane:
Turning Inward, Mattering Later, and Militant Naiveté…

By Brent Carr

Each issue contains award-winning fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry, with NMW Award Winners, plus writing advice, tributes, and more.

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Editor: Alexis Williams

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Published by: NMW

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Formats: Paperback


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