New Millennium Awards XXXIX | 2015



39th New Millennium Award for Poetry

Noah Stetzer of Washington, D.C. for Intruder (Poetry)

39th New Millennium Award for Fiction

Jackie Davis Martin of San Francisco, CA for Knife (Fiction)

39th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Shanna Yetman of Chicago, IL for The Miracle is to Walk This Earth (Flash Fiction)

39TH New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Susan Nathiel for Hearing Silence (Nonfiction)



Devreaux Baker
Mendocino, CA

Patricia B Barone
Fridley, MN

Berwyn Moore
Erie, PA

Mary Cole
Gloucester, MA

Linda Nemec Foster
Grand Rapids, MI

Anca Hariton
Benicia, CA

Georganne Harmon
Nashville, TN

Linda Lee Harper
Augusta, GA

Alysia Harris
New Haven, CT

Clarinda Harriss
Baltimore, MD

James Heffernan
Hanover, NH

Johanna Christiane Ledakis
Miami, FL

Sandy Longley
Delmar, NY

Tim Mayo
Brattleboro, VT

Barbara Mossberg
Eugene, OR

Linwood Rumney
Cincinnati, OH

Annie Stenzel
Richmond, CA

Jim Glenn Thatcher
Yarmouth, ME

Hilde Weisert
Chapel Hill, NC

Ingrid Wendt
Eugene, OR


Leslee Becker
Fort Collins, CO

Thomas Benz
Evanston IL

Thomas Cook
New York, NY

Monte Dutton
Clinton, SC

Jean Garrett
Winslow, ME

Hannah Gildea
Portland, OR

Anna Goodkind
Brooklyn, NY

Jayson Hawkins
Rosharon, TX

Mal King
Santa Paula, CA

Susan Land
Bethesda, MD

Brenda Liebling-Goldberg
Houston, TX

Djelloul Marbrook
Germantown, NY

Wendy Palmer
Oak Bluffs, MA

Terri Scullen
Alexandria, VA

Adam Shafer
Chicago, IL

Margaret Sharma
Alhambra, CA

Lisa Solod
Savannah, GA

Sharon Solwitz
Chicago, IL

Sandi Sonnenfeld
Brooklyn, NY

Matthew Wanner
Coeur D’aLene, ID


Kathleen Arceneaux
Blacksburg, VA

Bailey Brewer
Van Nuys, CA

Isabella David
Ridgefield, CT

Frank duBois
Kalispell, MT

Lili Flanders
Los Angeles, CA

Don Fred
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Barbara Fried
Stanford, CA

Paul Kennebeck
Denver, CO

Curt Klinghoffer
Pooler, GA

Frank Pettinelli
Cary, NC

Peter Speziale
New York, NY

Jonathan Segol
Saratoga Springs, NY

Jeanette Quick
Washington, DC

Helia S. Rethmann
Goodlettsville, TN

Maryam Sheikholeslami
Waukesha, WI

John Trout
San Francisco, CA

Bonnie West
Saint Paul, MN

S. E. White
Michigan City, IN

Francine Witte
New York, NY

Melanie Thorne
Petaluma, CA


Adrianne Aron
Berkeley, CA

Cathy Beres
Evanston, IL

David W. Berner
Forest Park, IL

Terence Cady
Santa Fe, NM

Kevin Camp
Washington, DC

Anne Frohna
Prescott, AZ

Myrna Greenfield
Brooklyn, NY

Richard Hague
Cincinnati, OH

Saffron Marchant
New Alberose, Hong Kong

Kate McCahill
Santa Fe, NM

Alberta Nassi
Sacramento, CA

Randy Osborne
Atlanta, GA

Jesse Paul Padilla
Normal, IL

Diana Perkins
Highlands Ranch, CO

Richelle Putnam
Meridian, MS

Christine Ritenis
Suffern, NY

Morgan Smith
Santa Fe, NM

Rachael Sokolowski
Truro, MA

Deborah Thompson
Fort Collins, CO

John Wagner
Montpelier, VT

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