New Millennium Awards XLII | 2016



42nd New Millennium Award for Poetry

Kerry Tepperman Campbell of San Anselmo, CA for Bougainvillea (Poetry)

42nd New Millennium Award for Fiction

Elizabeth Amon of Seattle, Washington for Hair of the Dog (Fiction)

42nd New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

William Polsgrove of Frederick, Maryland for Highway 61 (Flash Fiction)

42nd New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Kirk Wilson of Austin, TX for A Brief and Necessary Madness (Nonfiction)



William Ellis
“Instructions for Returning to the Past”

Robert Evory
“Sympathy Vibration”

Linda Nemec Foster
“The Artist’s Notebook”

Teresa Gilman
“Whistling Down the Sky”

Jonathan Greenhause
“How I Became the Luckiest Man on My Block”

N. A. Hirabayashi
“Japan — Three Cities”

Martha Hollander
“Strange Bed”

Marilyn E. Johnston
“Outward Bound”

George Keenen
“Back We Go”

Joyce Kessel
“The Vigil”

James Kirkpatrick

Daniel Kossow
“One Morning in the Marsh”

Aly Wright Fields

Ed Ruzicka
“My Lungs Are a Shambles”

Victoria Smith
“Mother of Exiles”

K. T. Landon
“The Second Law of Thermodynamics”

Barbara Ungar
“On a Scale of One to Ten”

Poetry Honorable Mentions

Austin Alexis
Kelly Anderson
Jacob Appel
Ellen Austin-Li
Judith Barrington
Michelle Bitting
Adele M. Bourne
Russell Boyington
Sarah Colby
Deborah Doolittle
Patricio Ferrari
Julia Gordon-Bramer
Kristy Gonzalez
Janet Greenberg
Neal Hall
Maeve Hitzenbuhler
Martha Hollander
Terry S. Johnson
Janet Joyner
Elise Kazanjian
Bud Kenny
Ethan Minnow
Denmark Laine
Lee Landau
Devi Laskar
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Maria Mazzenga
Michael Miller
Kathleen O’Toole
Malcolm Ogden
Pattie Palmer-Baker
Thomas Patterson
Erica Polevoy
K.D. Rose
Jeffrey Schneider
Molly Scott
Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Jane Springer
Jeff Walt
Vernon Waring
Suellen Wedmore
Laura Wisniewski
Sarah Wolbach


Jacob M. Appel
“The Children’s Lottery”

Julia Ballerini
“The Workings of Joy”

J Bloom

Megan Gregor

Lisa Greim
“Walter Says Good Morning”

Erin Holiday

Katharine Johnston
“Delancey and Essex”

Maxime Kawawa-Beaudan

Kathleen Kell
“Folly at Roosevelt Island”

Denise Long
“Where It’s Buried”

Haywood Moxley

Kate Pigott

Marsha Reed Nall
“Pure Gold”

Katherine Rooks
“Climb On”

Kate Simonian
“Late Chrysalis, Early Summer”

Darren Sorrels
“Total Progress 0%”

Patricia Trentacoste
“India Lake”

Nina Varela

Mark Wagstaff
“Watching Biff on Primetime”

Casey Whitworth
“Me and You and Zvonimir”

Fiction Honorable Mentions

Jacob M. Appel
Refael Paul Arenson
Shelly Auster
Anna Barto
Catherine Bell
Thomas Benz
John Berry
Robert Cataldo
Zebulon Crane
Alex Csedrik
Lynn D’Aurora
Alexina Dalgetty
Cecilia Fairchild
Jim Gish
Emilia Gonzalez
Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry
Sam Gridley
Teresa Gunther
Enid Harlow
Robert Kinerk
Thom Kudla
Jessica Lipnack
John P Loonam
Gordon MacKinney
Rupa Maitra
Djelloul Marbrook
Simone Martel
Mac McCaskill
Cathy Mellett
G. M. Monks
Anthony Nunez
John O’Brien
Billy O’Callaghan
Carolyn Osborn
Laura Owen
Lauren Parvizi
Brian Petkash
Stephen Prather
Deanna Robinson
Laura M. Rocha
Richard Rook
Stefanie Seddon
Serge Segal
Marin Shannahan
Frank Smith
J Spru
Keith Stahl
Jay Shiro Tashiro
Denise Tolan
William Torphy
Louis Villalba
Cynthia Walker
John Zeugner
Irene Zhao


Judith Glass Collins

Erin Conway
“Teacher, Wouldn’t You Like to Sing the Blues?”

Andi Dobek
“It’s Not Me”

Tyler Dunning
“Snow White”

Jeptha Evans

Amanda Foerster

Dana Getz

Dara Kell

Lisa Korzeniowski
“The Burning”

Denise Long
“Smooth, Shallow Cut”

Ginger Marcinkowski

Lisa Michelle
“Trails End”

Marc Phillips
“You May Begin”

Eric Ruka
“The Brave”

Michael Sarabia
“Mesopotamian Equinox”

Cynthia Schartman

Adam Schwartzman
“Holy Land, USA”

James Sprouse
“Juicy Fruit”

Lizette Wanzer

Jim Weyer
“The Beach”

Flash Fiction Honorable Mentions

Arlene Adelkopf
Natalie DeVaull-Robichaud
Caitlin Gutheil
Liana Imam
Timothy Jay Smith
George Keithley
Didi Leavitt
William Locke Hauser
Jay McAleer
Enola Mosley
Gunilla Norris
Jay Shiro Tashiro
Genea Tafesse
Meg Tuite
Vernon Waring


Barbara Bruner
“My Son Becomes a Father”

Tyrese Coleman
“Thoughts on My DNA Results”

J.L. Cooper
“The Sages of the West”

Savanna Ferguson
“On Orogenies”

Robynn Colwell
“Brussels Attacks”

Joan Goodreau
“First Words”

Anne Gudger

William Hillyard
“Wonder Valley”

Michele Leavitt
“Who Among Us”

Jeffrey Loeb

Rolando Lopez
“American Genies”

Christopher McNally
“Kings of America”

J. H. Moncrieff
“The Fighter”

Barbara Mossberg
“The Role of Poetry in Saving the Earth”

P. J. Osattin
“A Rose By Any Other Name”

Gabrielle Robinson
“Ambused by the Past”

Catherine Root
“Loving the Bigger Fat”

Nonfiction Honorable Mentions

Barbara Bamberger Scott
Carol J Blatter
Leslie Campbell
Annie Dawid
Beth Duckles
Lois Engel
Sharon Esterly
Ambreen Jamal
Vincent James
Hannah Jefferies
Robert Kirvel
Isa “Kitty” Mady
Shelby Meyerhoff
Andrea Michalowsky
Amanda Noble
Liza Porter
Elizabeth Rose
Annita Sawyer
Marilee Stang
Lizette Wanzer
Jessie Xiao

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