New Millennium Awards XLVI | 2018

Writing Contest 46 • 2018


New Millennium Award for Poetry

Seth Simons of the Bay Area, California for Like My Father

New Millennium Award for Fiction

Patricia Sammon of Huntsville, Alabama for Since

New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Eleanor Bluestein of La Jolla, California for How To Write a Love Letter

New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Kristin Kostick of Houston, Texas for Blanking



Alice Ashe
Decatur , GA
“some things that come in twos​​”

Jacqueline Berger
San Francisco , CA
“Moral Injury”

FJ Bergmann
Madison , WI
“This Time”

Sarah Blanchard
Raleigh , NC
“Optative Dreaming”

Shuyu Cao
North Hollywood , CA

C.W. Emerson
Los Angeles , CA
“After Visiting the Lourdes of Lebanon”

Robert Evory
Portage , MI
“Sympathy Vibration”

Elizabeth Jackson
Raleigh , NC

Trish Lindsey Jaggers
Smiths Grove , KY
” Migrant ”

A. Kaiser
Brooklyn , NY
“At the speed of light, squared”

Barbara Mossberg
Eugene , OR
“When I Die You Don’t Have to Divert the River for Me”

Terri Niccum
Buena Park , CA
“Creosote Bush”

Laura Polley
French Lick , IN

Marjorie Saiser
Green Valley , AZ
“In the Time of the Great Forgetters”

Joyce Schmid
Palo Alto , CA
“Phone Calls”

Mark Scott
Allen , TX
“Love Poem”

Bracha Sharp
Bronx , NY

Kurt Steinwand
Brandon , FL

Jim Glenn Thatcher
Yarmouth , ME
“The Drunken Novel”

Barbara Ungar
Saratoga Springs , NY
“The Last Jaguar”


Teresa Burns Gunther
Oakland, California

Margaret Collier
Espoo, Finland
“Emergency Contact of Santa Claus”

David Connor
Los Angeles, California
“Around the Parking Lot”

Corinne Dwyer
Clearwater, Minnesota
“The Last Migration”

Shanteé Felix
Baltimore, Maryland
“A Woman of a Certain Hue”

H.E. Francis
Huntsville, Alabama
“Put Yourself in My Hands”

Roberta Gates
Riverside, Illinois
“Goodbye, Savannah”

Doris Iarovici
Boston, Massachusetts
“One Way It Could Happen”

Mel Konner
Avondale Estates, Georgia

Frank Meola
Brooklyn, New York
“Home as Found”

Mil Norman-Risch
Richmond, Virginia

Terri Scullen
Alexandria, Virginia

Marylou Streznewski
Furlong, Pennsylvania
“In the Eye of the Great Staring Moon”

Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez
Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Sometimes A Steady Light”

Cady Vishniac
Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Justice Is a Myth”

John E. White
Altadena, California
“Castle Green Parakeet”

Paul Wilborn
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Juliet Wittman
Boulder, Colorado

Aaron Wood
Charleston, South Carolina
“When They Came”

Sandra Worsham
Milledgeville, Georgia
“The Washer’s Husband”


Beth Balousek 
Monroe, NY

David Carren
Edinburg, TX
“A Can and a Pint”

Clare Gardner
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Judy Geraci
San Diego, CA
“Messy Things”

Carlos Gomez
Forest Hills, NY

Ruth Joffre
Seattle, WA
“A Girl Climbs a Tree”

Thea Kinyon Boodhoo
San Francisco, CA

Kathleen McNamara
Rimrock, AZ
“Benediction for Cheryl”

Frazer Merritt
Cambridge, U.K.
“Dark Epiphany”

Courtney Morris
Black River, Jamaica
“10:53 PM”

Carolyn Ogburn
Marshall, NC
“Before You Were Born”

Ellen Perry
Weaverville, NC

Tracy Robert
Newport Beach, CA

Collin Segura
Aiken, SC
“A Woman’s Best Friend”

Reena Shah
Brooklyn, NY
“Hari Om Senior Center”

Kate Simonian
Lubbock, TX
“Moving Out”

Morgan Smith
Santa Fe, NM
“Where’s Jason?”

Carl Thompson Jr.
Gainesville, VA
“In an Outdoor Market”

Kate Whitehead
Toronto, Canada
“Stuart’s Mine”

A. E. Wynter
Mankato, MN
“The Things My Afro Knows”


Susanna Barlow
Bluffdale, UT
“House of Storm”

Joanna Brichetto
Nashville, TN
“A Dandelion Is to Blow”

Jenifer Campo
El Dorado Hills, CA
“Blind Faith”

Britt Cannon
Brooklyn, NY
“Trippin’ Through The Trees”

Christina Cha
San Francisco, CA
“Where You Were Raped and Murdered”

Judith Dancoff
Los Angeles, CA
“My Father, the Atomic Bomb”

Alicia Ezekiel-Pipkin
Orlando, FL
“The Silver Warden and Its Martyrs”

Jeri Griffith
Brattleboro, VT

Kacie Main
Jacksonville Beach FL
“The Battle”

Sybil McLain-Topel
Chattanooga, TN
“A Bike Ride from Grayton Beach”

J. Jacqueline McLean
Minneapolis, MN
“Can’t Cha, don’t Cha”

Rosemary Needham-Curtis
Camden, ME
“Wild Ocean”

Sharon Osborn
Haven, NJ
“Saving Grace”

Jean Ann Pollard
Winslow, ME

Morgan Smith
Santa Fe, NM
“One Eyed in Juárez”

A. Louise Staman
Savannah, GA
“Glenn Frank: An Unexpected Hero”

Sharon Swanson
Chapel Hill, NC
“Free Fall All Over Again”

Andrew Weinstein
Brooklyn, NY
“The Bridge”

Howard Williams
San Francisco, CA
“Wag the Dog at 20: Sex, Lies and Video Wars”

Judith Yarrow
Seattle, WA
“I Met an Octopus on My Way to Alpha Centauri”

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