New Millennium Awards XLV | 2018



New Millennium Award for Poetry

Xiao Yue Shan of Tokyo, Japan for the nation of aphasia

New Millennium Award for Fiction

Patrick Dawson of London, England for The Language of Rivers

New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Alyson Hagy of Laramie, Wyoming for Ember

New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Marsh Rose of Cloverdale, California for False Memory



Kemmer Anderson
Chattanooga, Tennessee
“Ancient Addictions: The Coleridge Connection”

Constance Campana
Attleboro, Massachusetts
“Incident, 2015: The Newscaster Asks the Victims To Consider Outside Circumstances”

Jack Cooper
Eugene, Oregon
“By Way of Crying”

James Cooper
Carmichael, California
“Clinical Note Template for Men in Therapy”

Lisa Dordal
Nashville, Tennessee

C.W. Emerson
Los Angeles, California
“Stopover on a Road Trip to L.A., 1981”

Ed Frankel
Forestville, California

Sam Griswold
Ossining, New York
“The House I Wish I Grew Up In”

Michele Harris
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sandy Longley
Delmar, New York
“Solace at the P.O.”

Damen O’Brien
Wynnum, Queensland, Australia
“The Darkness”

Yvonne Reddick
Manchester, United Kingdom

Victoria Richards
London, United Kingdom

Lois Roma-Deeley
Scottsdale, Arizona
“Why Moon Jellyfish Won’t Speak of Cancer”

Anne Sandor
Monroe, New York

Heidi Seaborn
Seattle, Washington
“Dress Up”

Sophia Stid
Nashville, Tennessee
“The Marriage Bed”

Allen Sweat
West Palm Beach, Florida
“Riding the Dream”

John Sibley Williams
Milwaukie, Oregon
“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water”

Keith Woodruff
Akron, Ohio
“Hot Mess”


Colin Brezicki
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
“An Original Sin”

Jackie Davis Martin
San Francisco, California

Sally Lipton Derringer
Nanuet, New York

Brian Feehan
Wilton, Connecticut
“For Him”

Barbara Ganley
Weybridge, Vermont
“When Hippies Move In”

Amina Gautier
Chicago, Illinois
“Hungry, Like the Wolf”

Amalia Gladhart
Eugene, Oregon

Adam Golub
Fullerton, California
“The Silver Lake Bandit”

Scott Lambridis
Placerville, California
“A Problem of Lighting”

Alfred Marks
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Suzanne Mattaboni
Northampton, Pennsylvania

Liza Mattison
Stow, Massachusetts
“The Codes of Moral Conduct”

Rashaan Meneses
Berkeley, California
“Ghosts for Water”

Peter Newall
Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
“A Box of Photographs”

Laura Rocha
Bellaire, Texas
“Safe Travel in Bear Country”

Connie Corzilius Spasser
Augusta, Georgia
“Mary Beth”

Maureen Tobin-Stanley
Duluth, Minnesota
“Igor Eye”

J.L. Torres
Plattsburgh, New York
“Rip and Reck Into That Good Light”

Cynthia Walker
Santa Barbara, California
“An Interested Party”

R. S.  Wynn
Dresden, Maine
“Basement Miracles”​


Julia Barclay
New York, New York

Kelly Bedbrook
Waterloo, Ontario

Charles Booth
Oak Harbor, Washington
“On the Occasion of Burying My Neighbor’s Dog”

Maloy Das
London, United Kingdom
“The Part about the Plankton”

Jean Ende
Brooklyn, New York
“The Best Is Yet To Be”

Roberta Gates
Riverside, Illinois
“Fraternity Row”

Sheryl Goodspeed
Torrance, California
“He Looks at the Earth, and It Trembles”

Kate Hanson
Nashville, Tennessee
“The Lost and Found”

Timothy Hillmer
Louisville, Colorado
“Stones and Soap”

Michelle Hsu
Studio City, California
“Bus Depot”

Ella Jacobson
Brooklyn, New York
“The Things They Loved”

Rose Kinney
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
“John Waters Is Following Me”

John Lankford
Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico
“Forgotten Words”

Andrea Martin
Chicago, Illinois
“The Peace Plan”

Suzanne Mattaboni
Northampton, Pennsylvania
“The Hood of the Camry”

Becky Ruff
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
“These Three Remain”

Jonathan Segol
Saratoga Springs, New York

Judith Shaw
Bolinas, California

Kate Simonian
Lubbock, Texas

Bonnie West
Saint Paul, Minnesota
“Book by Book”


Katie Barnes
Nashville, Tennessee
“The Domino Effect”

Dawn-Michelle Baude
Las Vegas, Nevada
“Cleaver Residence, 105 Lamoine Lane”

Cherline Bazile
Cambridge, Massachusetts
“Walking Text”

Rosie Cohan
Berkeley, California
“Hassan’s Wedding Celebration”

Sage Cohen
Portland, Oregon
“Cloud Bed”

Raphael Dagold
Baltimore, Maryland

David Gehring
Seattle, Washington

Robert Kirvel
Clayton, California
“Four Scenes and the Problem of Intermediate Gray”

Marissa Korbel
Portland, Oregon
“Ways of Being Seen”

Amy Long
Miramar Beach, Florida
“Product Warning”

Saffron Marchant
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
“Midwife’s Daughter”

J. Jacqueline McLean
Minneapolis, Minnesota
“The Project Lie”

Natalie Mucker
Highland Heights, Kentucky
“A Week of Unwell”

Mary Pfeiffer
Plano, Texas
“Searching for Aunt Sarah”

Mickey Revenaugh
Brooklyn, New York

Johanna Rossi
Newburyport, Massachusetts
“Something Came Looking for Me”

Katie Simon
Somerville, Massachusetts

Judith Hannah Weiss
Scottsville, Virginia
“Brain Drain”

Bradley Wester
Bristol, Rhode Island
“Brothers Katrina”

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