Special “Obama” Writing Contest • First Place, Poetry

Frances Payne Adler has won the New Millennium “Obama” Poetry Prize for “In the White House.” He will receive $1,000, a certificate to document the success, and publication both online and in print.

In the White House

By Frances Payne Adler


In the White House
January 20, 2009
Let there be sage smudged
throughout the halls
and the Oval Office
Let the windows be thrown open
and scrubbed, the curtains
washed, the floors sanded
the light bulbs changed
Let there be a grand fumigation
Let there be art
and music
coming from the out-wires
of our next world
through the windows
Let there be two young girls
after dinner after their baths
jumping on the beds
in their bathrobes

Photo By Tey Roberts


Frances Payne Adler is the author of five books, including The Making of a Matriot, and is nationally recognized for her collaborative social action art exhibitions.

Professor Emerita and Founder of California State University Monterey Bay’s Creative Writing and Social Action program, Adler lives in Portland, OR.


© 2010 Frances Payne Adler

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