The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick | Dale Cottingham

47th New Millennium Award for Poetry
​Dale Cottingham of ​Edmond, Oklahoma for “The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick”

When the law of the land is injustice, there is but one brave act left: to bear witness, to ensure such atrocities will not be erased from history or obscured by propaganda. In “The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel Butrick,” Cottingham dissolves time and space to remind us that the battle for our better nature wages on, and that empathy remains our strongest weapon. When ugly truths no longer hide in darkness, we will thank the poets for dragging them into the light.

Like My Father | Seth Simons

New Millennium Award for Poetry
Seth Simons of the Bay Area, CA for “Like My Father”

“Like My Father” is a neat and tidy indictment of late-stage capitalism, its sins and spoils, and the inner workings of those whose only rule book is a ledger.

The Nation of Aphasia | Xiao Yue Shan

New Millennium Award for Poetry
Xiao Yue Shan of Tokyo, Japan for “the nation of aphasia”
With transportive imagery and longing descriptions of a nation’s rich traditions, Xiao Yue fingers the pulse of the writing life in Hong Kong. Read “the nation of aphasia” and bear witness to the tyrannous shadows encroaching on the Celestial Empire.


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