New Millennium Awards XL | 2015



40th New Millennium Award for Poetry

Claire Bateman of Greenville, SC for Meanwhile, We Called Ourselves Human (Poetry)

40th New Millennium Award for Fiction

Nina Varela of Los Angeles, CA for The Things We Did in Texas (Fiction)

40th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Alexander Weinstein of Ann Arbor, Michigan for The Prophet (Flash Fiction)

40TH New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Karen Hunt for INTO THE WORLD (Nonfiction)



Carlos A Bates-Gomez
Forest Hills, NY

Cristina Baptista
Greenwich, CT

Paul Beilstein
Champaign, IL

Lynne Burnett
British Columbia, Canada

Carolyn Evans Campbell
Evergreen, CO

Robert Carr
Orlando, FL

Keith Gaboury
Cambridge, MA

Matthew Hohner
Baltimore, MD

Ellen LaFleche
Northampton, MA

Alison Luterman
Oakland, CA

Djelloul Marbrook
Germantown, NY

Michael Morical
Taipei, Taiwan

Shelley Nelson
Loveland, CO

Emily Newberry
Portland, OR

Elaine Pentalari
Bristol, VT

Sashana Kane Proctor
Cazadero, CA

Robert Sawyer
New York, NY

Jim Glenn Thatcher
Yarmouth, ME

Arminius Tolentino
Portland, OR

Arnold Weingart
Chicago, IL


Helen Degen Cohen
Deerfield, IL
“Sartre and I”

Joan Corwin
Evanston, IL
“Strange Love”

John Florio
Brooklyn, NY
“King of the World”

Alice Friedman
Fern Park, FL

Adam Golub
Fullerton, CA
“Lone Pine”

Jason Marc Harris
Bryan, TX
“Girl in the Trunk”

Jeannette Hinkle
Melrose, MA
“The Tour”

Mark Holden
Chazy, NY
“Cursing the Wheelbarrow’s Wheel”

Lorien House
Tijeras, NM
“Rustling Cards, Brady, MT 1912”

Amanda Kabak
Chicago, IL
“Over the Rainbow”

Dana Kroos
Las Cruces, NM
“Miss Kitty”

Maureen Langloss
“Chorionic Villus Sampling with the Virgin Mary”

Kathryn Legan
Atlanta, GA
“The Fourth of July”

Josh MacIvor-Andersen
Marquette, MI
“Sometimes I Dream I’m a Youth Group Leader…”

Sophie Monatte
Hong Kong

Corey Nyhus
Levittown, NY
“Wolves in Ypres”

Shoshana Seidman
Los Angeles, CA
“The Organ Donor”

Katherine Sparks
Greenville, VA
“The Next Great Cowboy Poet”

Keith Stahl
Syracuse, NY
“Doctor Fish”

Julie Weston
Hailey, ID
“Sleeping Horses”


Brandi Capozzi
Port Murray, NJ

John Corvese
Ontario, Canada

Stan Duncan
Quincy, MA

Paula Friedman
Gresham, OR

Clare Gardner

Kathleen Hansen
Coronado, CA

Nancy Hanway
Saint Paul, MN

Agatha Hinman
Oakland, CA

Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Vincennes, IN

Deirdra McAfee
Richmond, VA

Jennifer Meng
Taipei City, Taiwan

Kimmo Rosenthal
Schenectady, NY

Giannina Silverman
Bothell, WA

Derry Sampey
Apopka, FL

Vicky Savage
Tampa, FL

Lones Seiber
Morristown, TN

Karen Stromberg
La Mesa, CA

Harold Suretsky
Highland Park, NJ

Rae Theodore
Royersford, PA

Francine Witte
New York, NY


Hillary Adams-Maalouf
Minden, NV

Margo Barnes
Tucson, AZ

Sabrina Bess
New Rochelle, NY
“A Night of Dying”

Susan Bonetto
San Francisco, CA
“Before We Lived Barefoot”

Leeanne Carlson
Waller, TX
“Standing Alone”

Cecilia D
Santa Clarita, CA
“Highway Daughter of the Virgin Mother”

Rachel Fauth
Fort Salonga, NY
“The Seagulls and the Noise”

Linda Federico-OMurchu
Montclair, NJ
“Sleeping White Butterflies”

John Gist
Silver City, NM
“Penitent Monsters”

Evelyn Krieger
Sharon, MA
“In the Driver’s Seat”

Jessica Kulynych
Simsbury, CT
“Butterfly Faith”

Stan Mayer
Austin, TX
“Boys at the Edge of the Flag”

Jason Najum
Montreal, QC
“I Too Have Suffered”

Susan Narayan
Minneapolis, MN
“Searching for Jesus in a Mosque”

Jean Noland
Coos Bay, OR
“In the Brown Singing”

Gregory Ormson
Kailua Kona, HI
“Under a Silent Moon”

Darrin Pruitt
Brooklyn, NY

Catherine Raven
Emigrant, MT
“On Plan”

Zeynep Seyran
Port Jefferson Station, NY
“All the Kids Schooled in Mortality”

Patricia Smith
Chester, VA
“Toubab! Toubab!”

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