New Millennium Awards XLIII | 2017



43rd New Millennium Award for Poetry

Katie Bickham of Shreveport, Louisiana for Shorn (Poetry)

43rd New Millennium Award for Fiction

Cassady Black of Denver, CO for Mapping Hana(Fiction)

43rd New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Miah Jeffra of San Francisco, CA for Growl (Flash Fiction)

43rd New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Michele Leavitt of Gainesville, FL for Hidden in a Suitcase (Nonfiction)



Akesha Baron
Seattle, WA
“Home Is about the Light”

Nan Becker
New Jersey

Carolyn Evans Campbell
Evergreen, CO
“Red Sequined Shoes at
the Top of the World”

Lisa Dordal

Nashville, TN
“Elevator Ride with Famous Poet”

Ryan Lawrence
Portland, OR
“Most Memorable Insult”

Bianca Lech
Steuben, ME
“Desk Poem”

Jerico Lenk
Tampa, FL

Sandy Longley
Delmar, NY
“Nocturne, in Red and Black”

Derek Mong
Crawfordsville, IN
“Exhausted, Renegade Elephant”

Jacob Paul Patchen
Cambridge, OH
“Dog Barking at
4 a.m. on a
Wednesday Morning”

Laura Rand
Auburn, CA
“When a Gibbous Moon Must Do”

Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Charlottesville, VA

Cynthia Snow
Shelburne Falls, MA
“Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird with Pinktoe Tarantula”

James Stack
Andover, VT

Kristen Steenbeeke
Iowa City, Iowa
“Apocalypse Dream Again”

Cathleen Stewart
Rock Hill, SC
“Not One Sparrow”

Jim Glenn Thatcher
Yarmouth, ME

Sarah Van Arsdale
New York, NY

Sarah Wetzel
New York, NY
“Medea in Middle Age”

James K. Zimmerman
Pleasantville, NY
“Painted Ladies”


Matthew Basiliere
Natick, MA
“Mugging, Parts One Through Three—Hell’s Kitchen, 1993”

Lisa Bass
Santa Barbara, CA
“Episode 780: Fruit”

Scott Beggs
Monterey, CA
“Ghost with a Machine”

David Borofka
Clovis, CA

Teresa Burns Gunther
Oakland, CA
“Patch of Grass”

Richard Buxton
United Kingdom
“Little Brothers”

Emily Capdeville
New Orleans, LA
“An Act of Consolation”

Margaret Fox
Toronto, Canada
“Solitary Soul”

Seth Gannon
Portland, OR
“Parking Lots”

Chris Helvey
“A Portage”

Patrick Martin
“Ideas Machine, Suffolk Street”

Kristina Newberry
Bland, VA

Martha Payne
Atlanta, GA

Susan Redden
Athelstone, South Australia
“The Lottery”

Cathy Rose
San Francisco, CA
“Avatar Trevillian”

Derek Rose
Mechanicville, NY

Anneliese Schultz
Richmond, Canada
“The Fury and the Words”

J Spru
Winterport, ME

Julianna Waters
Portland, OR
“Bethel Lindy”

Paula Zaby
Sacramento, CA
“As the Twig is Bent”


Jocelyn Ajami
Chicago, Illinois

Andi Dobek
Waterloo, Illinois

Mary Bess Dunn
Nashville, Tennessee

Ekta Garg
Savoy, Illinois

Amina Gautier
Chicago, Illinois

Claire Guyton
Lewiston, Maine

William Hemmig
Stockton, New Jersey

Conor Houghton
Bath, United Kingdom

Sharon McNeill
Peoa, Utah

Patricia Poteat
Asheville, North Carolina

Lee Reilly
Chicago, Illinois

Mil Norman-Risch

Lesh Silverman
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

Kate Simonian
Lubbock, Texas

James Sprouse
Winterport, Maine

Sandi Sonnenfeld
Poughkeepsie, New York

Frank Tavares
Coconut Creek, Florida

Liza Taylor
Keswick, Virginia

Sabrina Vienneau
Salt Lake City, Utah

Cady Vishniac
Columbus, Ohio


Katie Bain
Los Angeles, CA
“Four Days in New Orleans”

M R Branwen
Los Angeles, CA
“Even if I Am Saturn”

Valerie Gardner
Cornville, Arizona
“Fear No Evil”

Charlie Hanline
Pueblo, Colorado
“Five Year Plans and First Kisses”

Nia Ita
Rego Park, New York
“The Night”

Nancy Jainchill
Woodstock, New York
“The Feminist Sex Queen”

Mal King
Santa Paula, CA
“Living Life in Capital Letters”

Jerry Lawrence
Santa Cruz, CA
“Me and Aldo”

Adva Lipson
Derby, Connecticut
“The Secret Life of a School Photographer”

Tan Liu
Redondo Beach, CA
“A-Cruel Accounting”

Olivia Moreton
Salt Lake City, Utah

Amy Pechukas
Brooklyn, New York

Dede Ranahan
Lincoln, CA
“Sooner Than Tomorrow”

Elizabeth Rose
Galisteo, New Mexico
“Wearing a Hat from Hell by the Perfect Servant”

Nan Sanders Pokerwinski
Newaygo, Michigan

Benjamin Shalva
Reston, Virginia
“Head in the Clouds:
Navigating Devotion and Dependence in the Digital Age”

Kathleen Tarr
Anchorage, Alaska
“Intimate Translations”

Linda White
Silver Lake, Ohio
“Searching for Home”

Nancy Williams
Weston, Connecticut
“Shoes at Hardee’s Hamburgers”

Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Is this What You Want”

Ithaca, New York
“We said it with flowers”

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