Miah Jeffra

Miah Jeffra

Winner of the 43rd Writing Contest for Flash Fiction (2017)

Miah Jeffra of San Francisco, CA has won the New Millennium Flash Fiction Prize for “Growl.”

Miah will receive $1,000, a certificate to mark the success, and publication both online and in print.

Miah’s story, ‘Growl,’ pays homage to that most primal noise. It is a reminder that inside all of us lives an animal, and in the moments our passions are most inflamed — by anger, by hunger, by lust — the animal must be heard.

READ “GROWL” (coming soon)

Miah JeffraMiah Jeffra is the author of The First Church of What’s Happening (forthcoming, Nomadic Press, Fall 2017), and has been awarded the Sidney Lanier Prize and Clark-Gross Award for fiction, and a 2014 Lambda Literary Fellowship for nonfiction. Jeffra is Editor of queer literary collaborative, Foglifter Press.

Read Miah’s advice on writing here.

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