Writing Awards XLIX

49th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Lee Thomas of ​Los Angeles, California for “On the Origin of Species”

Lee Thomas is a fiction writer in Los Angeles. She won the Peninsula Pulse’s 2019 Hal Prize. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Fiction Writers Review, The Hopkins Review, Third Street Writers, and The New Guard. She recently finished a collection of short stories.



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Peter Armstrong 
Gotaland, Sweden

Michelle Bitting 
Pacific Palisades, California

Melissa Bowers 
Gilroy, California
“The Vanishing Self”

Jane Copland 
Berkshire, United Kingdom
“Cache Flow”

Lee Eisen 
Manhattan Beach, California
“Your Last Story”

Adrian Fleur 
Coconut Creek, Florida 
“A Post-Apartheid Education For Girls”

Amina Gautier 
Chicago, IL
“Tears on Tap”

Sheryl Goodspeed
Mayer, Arizona

Heather Hall 
Palos Verdes, California
“How to Leave a Marriage”

Ron Lavalette
Barton, VT

Alix Mehalek
Juneau, Alaska

Ben Orlando 
Arlington, Virgina

Kate Owen
Hillingdon, United Kingdom

Lee Reilly 
Chicago, Illinois
“Pastor Bob’s Picnic”

Dave Sanfacon
Cambridge, Massachusetts
“Ghosts in the Garden”

Elizabeth Tucker 
Truckee, California
“If He Had, He Would”

Seth Tucker 
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
“The Silences”

Steven Wexler 
Valencia, California
“Some Pill”

Michelle Wright
Victoria, Australia
“Water Hours”

Rachel Zarrow
San Francisco, California
“An Evening at the Bathhouse with My Former Lover’s New Love”


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— Honorable Mentions —


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​Coming Soon!


Jennifer Boyd
Austin, TX
“The Test”

Eoin Connelly 
Dublin, Ireland 
“The Man Who Is Still A Boy”

Stephanie Cotsirilos
Portland, Maine 

Derek Hanebury
Port Alberni, British Columbia
“Bungy Love”

Arthur McCaffrey
Waltham, Massachusetts
“Lost in Translation”

Aishwarya Mishra
Jharkhand, India

Anne Raustol
Weaverville, North Carolina

Charlie Salkever
Newton, Massachusetts
“The Party”

Kevin Sandefur
St. Joseph, Illinois
“Out in the Sticks”

Lexi Schwartz
Denver, Colorado 

Nicola Sebastian
Brooklyn, New York
“Sometimes We Forget”

Steven Simoncic
Wayne, New Jersey
“Girls Weekend”

Laurie Steed 
Kingsley, Australia 
“But What Have You Done Lately?”

Christina Tabacco

San Francisco, California 

Alexander Weinstein
Ann Arbor, Michigan 
“We Only Wanted Their Happiness”



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