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Noah Stetzer’s “Intruder” (NMW 2015)

Noah Stetzer’s “Intruder” (NMW 2015)

Noah Stetzer of Washington, D.C. has won the 39th New Millennium Poetry Prize for “Intruder.”

He will receive $1,000 and publication both online and in print.

“It begins with the mystery of a few missing pills…or is it a few too many? A clever take on the unreliable narrator, this poem broods over what to do when the person you most suspect is you.” –NMW

Claire Bateman’s “Meanwhile, We Called Ourselves Human,” (NMW 2015)

Claire Bateman’s “Meanwhile, We Called Ourselves Human,” (NMW 2015)

Claire Bateman of Greenville, South Carolina has won the 40th New Millennium Poetry Prize for “Meanwhile, We Called Ourselves Human,”.

She will $1,000 and publication both online and in print.

Maureen McLane, celebrated poet and 2014 National Book Award Finalist, served as our guest judge for this contest. McLane had these words of praise for Bateman’s poem:

“A poem both philosophical and grounded in this our concrete world, a beautiful unfolding reticulated lyric registration of what it means to live now and in deep time — to dwell briefly and complicatedly as humans in this ‘phenomenal universe’ amidst our ‘patio kitchens and  sun room gardens,’ amidst ‘continental drift, the deaths of oceans.’ A ranging, surprising, ambitious poem, with flashes of humor leavening its sometimes Biblical cadences: an unusual combination of intellectual and sensual engagement. Brava!”

—Maureen McLane

Pamela Uschuk’s “The Taliban Takes Pakistan” (NMW 2012)

Pamela UschukAmerican Book Award winner, Pamela Uschuk graduated with honors with a MFA in Poetry and Fiction from the University of Montana.  Called by The Bloomsbury Review, “one of the most insightful and spirited poets today,” she is the author of six books of  poems, including the award-winning Finding Peaches in the Desert and Crazy Love (2010 American Book Award).

Translated into over a dozen languages, Uschuk’s work has appeared in over three hundred journals and anthologies worldwide, including Poetry, Parnassus Review, Agni Review, Pequod, New Millennium Writings, Ploughshares, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Hunger Mountain.

“Obama” Award Winner: Frances Payne Adler (NMW 2010)

Frances Payne Adler has won the special New Millennium “Obama” Poetry Prize for “In the White House.”

She will receive $1,000 and publication both online and in print.

Photo by Tey Roberts


Frances Payne Adler is the author of five books, including The Making of a Matriot, and is nationally recognized for her collaborative social action art exhibitions.

Professor Emerita and Founder of California State University Monterey Bay’s Creative Writing and Social Action program, Adler lives in Portland, OR.