Cassady Black

Cassady Black

Winner of the 43rd Writing Contest for Fiction

Cassady Black of Denver, Colorado has won the New Millennium Fiction Prize for “Mapping Hana.”

She will receive $1,000, a certificate to document the success, and publication both online and in print.

“A haunting and enchanting mystery. From the startling first lines to each smoldering revelation, readers will be delightfully lured into this map of a marriage whose true north has vanished in the night.”


Cassady BlackCassady Black lives in Colorado, where she is a writer, editor, and consultant. She is a founding editor of “Slow Trains Literary Journal,” and her writing has been published in “Eclectica,” “,” and “The Best American Erotica” series, among others.

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*Editor’s Note: This story was first published under the name “Mapping Charlotte” in the online journal, Eclectica Magazine, under the author’s previous pen name.

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