48th Writing Awards • 2019

New Millennium Award for Poetry

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New Millennium Award for Fiction

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New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction

Kristina Woods of ​New Canaan, Connecticut for Getaway

Kristina Woods is currently working on a novel about deception and regret in suburbia. “Getaway” is her first published story.

* * This is the author’s first literary award and “Getaway” will be her first work to appear in a print publication. * *

New Millennium Award for Nonfiction

Laura Rose of Bucks County, Pennsylvania for Gracias a la Vida

Laura Rose, an advertising copywriter and manager, lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband and daughter. Her nonfiction has appeared in Narrative, Memoir Journal, and Bucks County Writer. She is also an activist and grassroots organizer for PA Statewide Indivisible.

* * This is the author’s first literary award for nonfiction. * *



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​Atticus Allison 
Raleigh​,​ North Carolina 
“Soft Briars​”​

Kelly Bedbrook 
Waterloo​​, Ontario 
“Off Eighth​”​

Chad Broughman 
Harbor Springs​,​ Michigan 
“​In one fell swoop…​”​

Christina Grant 
Branchton​,​ Ontario 
“The Book of Lasts​”​

Michael Gruver 
Louisville​,​ Kentucky 
“​The Bathroom Vortex​”​

Katharine​​ Hargreaves 
Los Angeles, California 
“Are you done being wild?​”​

Lydia Kaup 
Wilmette​,​ Illinois 
“​The Bluff​”​

Robert Kostanczuk 
Crown Point​,​ Indiana 
“A Masquerade for Poe​”

Eimear Laffan 
Nelson​, ​British Columbia​​​
“​The Backwaters Behind Your Eyes​”​

Philip Liu 
Lexington​,​ Massachusetts 
“​Going Up?​”​

John Mattson 
Encino​,​ California 
“Object Permanence​”​

Kelsey Montague
Denver​,​ Colorado 
“How to Get the Pennies Back​”​

Justin Neff 
Philadelphia​,​ Pennsylvania 
“Too Late or Too Soon​”​

Christian O’Callaghan-Leue 
Amsterdam​,​ New York 

Thomas Peer 
Phoenix​,​ Arizona 
“A Bravery Betrayed​”​

Alice Phung 
Davis​,​ California 
“My Promise to You​”​

Samantha Pilecki 
Freehold​,​ New Jersey 
“​White Wolves, 1887​”​

Bill Ratner 
Los Angeles​,​ California 

Keilly Ulery 
Boynton Beach​,​ Florida 
“​On The Matter Of Divorce”​ ​

Alexander Willmott 
York North​,​ Yorkshire 


​Dani Alpert 
New York​,​ New York 
“You Can Keep Your Hat on Mr. Lear”

Kelly Beard 
Atlanta​,​ Georgia 
“Dragons and Dinosaurs”

Shell Bird 
Dublin​,​ Ohio 

Margaret Feike 
Columbus​,​ Ohio 
“The Coroner’s Case”

Allen Heisler 
Reading​,​ Pennsylvania 
“Singled Out”

Allison Hong Merrill 
Orem​,​ Utah 
“Goodbye, Baba”

Linda Jonasson 
Ontario​,​ Canada 
“Women and Children First: Paying with Life and Limb for the Crimes of Nazi Germany”

Mary Pacifico Curtis 
Los Gatos​,​ California 

​Marci ​Pliskin ​
Seattle​,​ Washington 
“Beautiful Hands”

Melina Ragazas 
Tinos, Cyclades​,​ Greece 
“4 1/2 stacks to the sun”

J.R. Rogers 
Olympia​,​ Washington 
“The Heirloom”

Jamie  Smith 
Yonkers​,​ New York 
“Mythology Lessons”

Morgan Smith 
Santa Fe​,​ New Mexico 
“A Member of the Family”

KT Sparks 
Greenville​,​ Virginia 

Sarah Stuteville 
Seattle​,​ Washington 
“Girl’s History of Consent”

Brandon Sward 
Chicago​,​ Illinois 

Don Waitt 
Tampa​,​ Florida 
“The Black Knight Lounge”

Megan Williams 
Philadelphia​,​ Pennsylvania 
“Breathing Room”

Cindy Zelman 
Stoughton​​​​​​, Massachusetts 
“This Will Be a Love Story”

Patrick Zhou 
Washington​,​ D.C. 
“Call Your Mother”

— Honorable Mentions —


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Hannah Arin 
Las Vegas, Nevada 
“A Tree’s Dream”

Carolyn E. Campbell
Boulder, Colorado
“High Mountain Burial”

Linda Nemec Foster 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Stephanie Frykholm 
Buena Vista, Colorado 
“The Lone Olive”

Jessica Gano
Phoenix, Arizona
“Emelia’s Medication”

Greg Georgiadis 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
“The Ones We Remember”

Erzsebet Gilbert 
Fort Collins, Colorado 
“O! Mr. Petőfi”

Soramimi Hanarejima 
Portland, Oregon 

Janis Butler Holm 
Los Angeles, California 
“Are You an Introvert? Take This Simple Quiz”

Karen Lethlean 
Heathcote, NSW, Australia 
“Dog Whispers”

Catherine Martino 
Elmsford, New York 
“The Last Commute”

Adrienne Pond 
El Prado, New Mexico, Afghanistan 

Oliver St. John
Brooklyn, New York
“Magic Hat”

Krista Tibbs 
Knoxville, Tennessee 
“Pieces of Life”

Michael Worthington 
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 
“Vacation From Hell”


​Jade Alexandra 
Dripping Springs​, Texas ​

Katie Barnes 
Nashville, Tennessee 
“Like Black Peat”

David Dickinson 
Melbourne, Florida 
“The Dark Side of Town:  A Portrait of the Jim Crow South”

Rick Joy 
Richmond, Indiana 
“Fear and Heights”

Paula Licata 
Bellmore, New York 
“Surviving an Alcoholic”

Dheepa Maturi 
Carmel, Indiana 
“A Personal Lexicon”

Susan Narayan 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
“Five New Yorks: Thoughts on Parenting from Afar”

Sarah O’Connor 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Della Patterson 
Jamaica, New York 
“Crumbled Rocks of Mother and Earth”

Diana Raab 
Santa Barbara, California 
“My Muse, Your Muse: My Friendship with Thomas Steinbeck”

Kenneth Silber 
Wyckoff, New Jersey 
“When My Family Became Refugees”

Robbie Stofel 
Lobelville, Tennessee 

Brian Vlasak 
Boston, Massachusetts 
“Lineage of Violence”

Jeanne Wilkinson 
Brooklyn, New York 
“You, Me and Henry”

Sharon Wood Wortman 
Brightwood, Oregon 
“Voice Lessons”

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