Latest Award-Winning Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction

The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick | Dale Cottingham

47th New Millennium Award for Poetry
​Dale Cottingham of ​Edmond, Oklahoma for “The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick”

When the law of the land is injustice, there is but one brave act left: to bear witness, to ensure such atrocities will not be erased from history or obscured by propaganda. In “The Lamentation of Rev. Daniel Butrick,” Cottingham dissolves time and space to remind us that the battle for our better nature wages on, and that empathy remains our strongest weapon. When ugly truths no longer hide in darkness, we will thank the poets for dragging them into the light.

In Search of Leo | ​John Baskin

47th New Millennium Award for Nonfiction
​John Baskin of ​Wilmingt​​on, Ohio for “In Search of Leo”

Embarking on a pilgrimage to honor a dear friend and mentor, Baskin travels the French countryside to learn more about the dark time and place that twice nearly took his friend’s life. A brilliant, thoughtful, and important essay.

The Dog Days | Erzsébet Gilbert

47th New Millennium Award for Fiction
Erzsébet Gilbert of Fort Collins, Colorado for “The Dog Days”

Dusty, dreamlike, and full of yearning, “The Dog Days” unfolds at an unhurried pace. Gilbert methodically unleashes her tale, unearthing treasures tarnished and buried just below the rubble.

Seven Ravens | Carla Myers

47th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction
Carla Myers of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania for “Seven Ravens”

Nearly every time we choose a Flash Fiction winner, we discuss the inherent challenge of this category. In a flash, an author must create an entire story arc, impart some existential truth, and weave imagery bright and sharp enough to imprint on the reader’s mind. Done well, it is a beauty to behold. “Seven Ravens” checks all these boxes and more.

Like My Father | Seth Simons

New Millennium Award for Poetry
Seth Simons of the Bay Area, CA for “Like My Father”

“Like My Father” is a neat and tidy indictment of late-stage capitalism, its sins and spoils, and the inner workings of those whose only rule book is a ledger.

Since | Patricia Sammon

New Millennium Award for Fiction
Patricia Sammon of Huntsville, Alabama for “Since”

In “Since,” Patricia wields a masterful first-person narrative to fully arc the life of a 19th-century family and the joys, sorrows, and possibilities our memories contain.

Blanking | Kristin Kostick

New Millennium Award for Nonfiction
Kristin Kostick of Houston, Texas for “Blanking”

Who among us hasn’t yearned for a clean slate? Some way to shed all the old hurts and regrets and begin again, fresh and unencumbered as a newborn soul. In “Blanking,” Kristin ponders the power and possible advantages of self-deception.

The Nation of Aphasia | Xiao Yue Shan

New Millennium Award for Poetry
Xiao Yue Shan of Tokyo, Japan for “the nation of aphasia”
With transportive imagery and longing descriptions of a nation’s rich traditions, Xiao Yue fingers the pulse of the writing life in Hong Kong. Read “the nation of aphasia” and bear witness to the tyrannous shadows encroaching on the Celestial Empire.


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