Flash Fiction

Getaway | Kristina Woods

48th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction
​Kristina Woods of ​New Canaan, Connecticut for “Getaway”

Woods’s prose is honest, engaging, and so vivid that readers may feel they’ve taken their own little “Getaway” — right through the heart of the character’s life story. A superb piece!

Seven Ravens | Carla Myers

47th New Millennium Award for Flash Fiction
Carla Myers of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania for “Seven Ravens”

Nearly every time we choose a Flash Fiction winner, we discuss the inherent challenge of this category. In a flash, an author must create an entire story arc, impart some existential truth, and weave imagery bright and sharp enough to imprint on the reader’s mind. Done well, it is a beauty to behold. “Seven Ravens” checks all these boxes and more.


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