Since | Patricia Sammon

New Millennium Award for Fiction
Patricia Sammon of Huntsville, Alabama for “Since”

In “Since,” Patricia wields a masterful first-person narrative to fully arc the life of a 19th-century family and the joys, sorrows, and possibilities our memories contain.

The Language of Rivers | Patrick Dawson

New Millennium Award for Fiction
Patrick Dawson of London, England for “The Language of Rivers”
Full of wanderers and deception, and something close to love, Patrick’s masterfully crafted story is quick to engage and gradual to reveal. Dive in and let “The Language of Rivers” spill its secrets.

An empty bar stool

Nothing Kinky | Evan McMurry

A soldier hellbent on getting himself honorably discharged, and the waitress who changed everything when he saw the way the sun itself tried to reach her with its gaze. Nothing kinky here… just true young love up against this endless war. —NMW

Hair of the Dog | Elizabeth Amon

Each time I read Amon’s story, the lines of a favorite Paul Simon song, ‘Slip Slidin’ Away,’ ran through my head. For anyone who worries that the best parts of life have gotten away from you, this story is here to remind us that sometimes we let things escape because otherwise… —NMW

Troth | George Choundas

George’s story imagines a world exactly like ours, except for three subtle differences that change everything for the better… or do they? Founding Editor Don Williams declared this story to be ‘among the best work New Millennium Writings has ever published.’ –NMW

Tail the Barney | Stephen Irwin

Fiction Writing Contest 24 (2009)
First Place

Writing’s easy. Good writing’s hard. And it feels a long, long road between those poles, especially when, most of the time, you don’t really know how close to which one you are. Yet, it’s simple to recognise others’ True North: good writing elicits powerful emotions through the seemingly effortless witchery of combining even the most commonplace words. So, on my long walk, I’m trying to convey more by saying less, to speak more clearly by listening more closely, and to write better by reading with a care that reflects the love with which stories were written. I’ll let you know if it works! — Stephen Irwin


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