Free Energy | Cora Cruz

48th New Millennium Award for Fiction
Cora Cruz​ of Forest Hills,​ New York​ for ​”Free Energy”

Cruz unites her considerable literary and philosophical talents to present “Free Energy,” a treatise on human happiness and a triumph of both form and function.

The Dog Days | Erzsébet Gilbert

47th New Millennium Award for Fiction
Erzsébet Gilbert of Fort Collins, Colorado for “The Dog Days”

Dusty, dreamlike, and full of yearning, “The Dog Days” unfolds at an unhurried pace. Gilbert methodically unleashes her tale, unearthing treasures tarnished and buried just below the rubble.

Since | Patricia Sammon

New Millennium Award for Fiction
Patricia Sammon of Huntsville, Alabama for “Since”

In “Since,” Patricia wields a masterful first-person narrative to fully arc the life of a 19th-century family and the joys, sorrows, and possibilities our memories contain.


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