Bird Rearing During a Pandemic | Melanie Hoffert

52nd NMW Award for Nonfiction.
Melanie Hoffert of Battle Lake, Minnesota for “Bird Rearing During a Pandemic,”​

In times of turmoil, when threats loom both externally and all-too-internally, what good can it possibly do to rescue one tiny beating heart? As Hoffert’s essay so marvelously reminds us, sometimes our own heart gets rescued too. 

In Search of Leo | ​John Baskin

47th New Millennium Award for Nonfiction
​John Baskin of ​Wilmingt​​on, Ohio for “In Search of Leo”

Embarking on a pilgrimage to honor a dear friend and mentor, Baskin travels the French countryside to learn more about the dark time and place that twice nearly took his friend’s life. A brilliant, thoughtful, and important essay.

Blanking | Kristin Kostick

New Millennium Award for Nonfiction
Kristin Kostick of Houston, Texas for “Blanking”

Who among us hasn’t yearned for a clean slate? Some way to shed all the old hurts and regrets and begin again, fresh and unencumbered as a newborn soul. In “Blanking,” Kristin ponders the power and possible advantages of self-deception.

False Memory | Marsh Rose

What if one day you discover you’ve been wrong about your own life story? Marsh Rose reveals the secrets that, for nearly 30 years, her mind tried to protect her from, reminding us of our uncanny ability to rewrite the past. —NMW


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