Monthly Musepaper Results

The Monthly Musepaper‘s brief hiatus will soon be over!  We are incredibly grateful for your patience and support. We think most will agree it was a most productive hiatus!

Exciting announcement coming very soon : – ) 

Scroll down to view the results, along with links to read each winning piece. Enjoy!

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“Beginnings” by Keith Mark Gaboury

“Ensō” by Natalie Mucker

READ “ENSŌ” (essay)

“Expat” by Hana Rowan-Seddon

READ “EXPAT” (short story)

+ Finalists

  • Jordan Crook, “The Flock” (short story)
  • Roberta Senechal de la Roche, “Bottle of Sleep” (poem)
  • Rachel Stewart Johnson, “Elegy for a Killdeer” (poem)
  • Seth Pilevsky, “Not Ready” (essay)
  • S. J. Powers, “The News” (short story)
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“The Sum of its Parts” by Nina Gaby

“40” by Kathryn Gahl

READ “40” (poem)

“The Cripple Makes a Wish” by Terri Trespicio

+ Finalists

  • Kelli Bolen, “Aftermath” (poetry)
  • Lois Engel, “I Remember Mama” (essay)
  • Sandy Longley, “Pas de Deux” (poetry)
  • JC Miller, “Monday, a Lament” (short story)
  • Claire Rubin, “After What I Did” (poetry)
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“Advent Calendar” by Cezanne Alexander

“Little House” by Constance Campana

“SALT: A Homecoming” by Susan Maeder

+ Finalists

  • Susan Baller-Shepard, “Myra and the Clawed Frog”
  • Kelly Caldwell, “Perihelion”
  • Jennifer Lang, “Neither Here Nor There”
  • Cynthia McVay, “Field Farm”
  • Jacob Paul Patchen, “Where We Come From”
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“Whatever Gets You Through the Night” by Sally Lipton Derringer

“Tastes” by Kirk McDavitt

“A Tale of Two Concerts” by Jeanne Wilkinson

+ Finalists

  • Melody Breyer-Grell, “Howling to Stan Getz”
  • Jessica Epstein, “Fiddler’s Neck”
  • Lori Levy, “When I’m Old and Demented”
  • Dan Woessner, “The Lonely Hearts Club”
  • Rob Wright, “Catching the Blues”
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“The Wolf in Me” by Ginny Lowe Connors

“Treats” by Brian Feehan

“President Marilyn Monroe Devours Her Young” by Joanna Koch

+ Finalists

  • PS Cottier, “Lax”
  • Myles Ehrlich, “Long Exposure”
  • Evelyn King, “The Monsters Under My Bed”
  • Megan LeAnne, “Habit”
  • Donald McCarthy, “First Date”
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“Jordan & Karyn,” by Jude Brewer

“The One That Got Away,” by Adrienne Garrison

“ICARUS,” by Annie Dawid

+ Finalists

  • Honora Ní Aódagaín, “The Rituals of Love in Everyday Life”
  • John Barrale, “The Burden”
  • Maame Blue, “A Cautious Friend”
  • Jessica Epstein, “New Vocabulary”
  • Sue Powers, “He Said, She Said”
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“From the Garden,” by Michele Flynn

“Folie Á Deux,” by Laura Rose

“Perfection,” by Molly Seale

+ Finalists

  • Carrie Bailey, “Open Letter to my Single Teenage Mother, a Career Waitress”
  • Diarmaid O Cuanain, “Revive”
  • Chris Guppy, “No Right to be Wine”
  • Bruce Rettig, “Rabbit Hole”
  • Ellie Roscher, “The Silence and the Cry”
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“Apples,” by Laura Maynard

“Taking Our Time,” by Jonathan Segol

“Ice Lessons,” by M.K. Sturdevant

+ Finalists

  • Honora Ní Aódagaín, “When Heroes Die”
  • Meredith Escudier, “My Father’s Eyes”
  • Nina Gaby, “Observations from the Girl Who Wasn’t Even Under the Bridge”
  • Rowan Groth, “Bye-Bye Johnny, Johnny Bye-Bye”
  • Carolyn Watkins, “The Born”


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