Writing Awards 56

Adriana Páramo of Medellin, Colombia for “Teaching Mom Long Division”

Adriana Páramo is a cultural anthropologist and women’s rights advocate.
She is the award winner author of Looking for EsperanzaMy Mother’s FuneralKeeping Quiet: Sixteen Essays on Silence, an essay collection coming out on September 24th, and Good Girls Don’t Sing La Bamba, coming out in 2025.
Adriana teaches creative nonfiction in the low-residency MFA program at Fairfield University and writes from Colombia, where, oddly enough, she works as a dance and yoga instructor. 

Gretta Trafficante of Detroit, Michigan for “The Curse of Calloused Feet”

Gretta Trafficante (they/them) is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where they were a recipient of the Brownstein Writing Prize. You can find more of Gretta’s creative work in Maudlin HouseQuarto Magazine, and Blacklist Journal.

Rebeccca T. Godwin of Pawleys Island, South Carolina for “Saved”

Rebecca T. Godwin has published two novels, Keeper of the House and Private Parts. Her work has appeared in Paris Review, Oxford American, The Sun, and elsewhere. Early on, she received MacDowell and NEA fellowships, then taught for 13 years at Bennington College. In “retirement,” she has turned again to writing, completing a story collection and revising a novel. Named SC Arts Commission’s 2023 Prose Fellow, Godwin also won Broad River Review’s 2023 RASH Fiction Award.

David Sloan of Brunswick, Maine for “Lines in Algonquin”

David Sloan’s debut poetry collection—The Irresistible In-Between—was published by Deerbrook Editions in 2013. A Rising and Other Poems, (Deerbrook), launched in the spring of 2020. A third collection—Earth School—will appear in 2024, published by Deerbrook Editions.

Sloan’s poetry has appeared in dozens of literary journals. He is a two-time recipient of Maine Literary Awards, the Betsy Sholl Award, and the inaugural Maine Poets Society Prize. After teaching for nearly 50 years, most recently at Maine Coast Waldorf High School in Freeport, he is now semi-retired, content to focus on the joys of more regular writing, grandparenting, gardening, cycling, and pickle ball.



Ash Adams
Anchorage, Alaska

Kathleen Arceneaux
Blacksburg, Virginia
“Sky Hooks”

Celeste Briefs
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
“My Heart is a Bestiary”

Cory Brown
Trumansburg, New York
“Lines Inspired by Lines from a Mike Loughran Poem”

Susan Michele Coronel
Ridgewood, New York
“A Matrilineal History of Possession”

Rafaella Del Bourgo
Berkeley, California
“A Gift”

David Denny
Cupertino, California
“The Scoundrel’s Last Refuge”

Krista Drechsel
Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Latorial Faison
Chester, Virginia

Linda Flaherty Haltmaier
Beverly, Massachusetts
“Rest Here”

Bonnie Hearn Hill
Fresno, California
“The Way They Leave”

Paloma Minshew
San Antonio, Texas
“Chimuela for Christmas”

Lauren Oertel
Austin, Texas
“Is It the Guns?”

Ksenia Rychtycka
Warren, Michigan
“The Legend of the Knotted Motanka Doll”

Greg Sendi
Chicago, Illinois
“A Compass for Ariadne”

Felicity Sheehy
Princeton, New Jersey
“Mole Elegy”

Samantha Smith
Berea, Kentucky
“Blame It on Hormones”

Julie Cadwallader Staub
South Burlington, Vermont
“In the Woods”

Ingrid Wendt
Eugene, Oregon
“What They Saw on Their Weekly River Walk, Taking Turns Pushing His Chair”

Christopher Whitney
Chula Vista, California
“Looking for Answers”


Benjamin Chappelow
Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Julie Fisher
Hawley, Massachussetts
“Death and the Maiden”

Cory Fryling
Ontario, Canada
“From Salt and Sand”

Katie Garner
Santa Ana, California
“The Collective Amnesia of Tommy Nguyen”

Jim Gish
Arcanum, Ohio
“Wandering Boy”

Blue Guidal
Brooklyn, New York
“One Hundred and Twenty Years of Remembrance”

Ronald Jackson
Durham, North Carolina
“God’s Waiting Room”

Hilary Kretchmer
Rancho Mirage, California
“Pony Queen”

Anna Lapera
Silver Spring, Maryland
“Land of Grillos”

Chad Merritt
Ridgeville, North Carolina
“The Eighth Ballad of Ivan von Blum”

G.M. Monks
Hermitage, Pennsylvania
“A Simple Misdemeanor”

A.F. Ore
Missoula, Montana
“My Dad and Me”

Jessie Payne
Woodcote, Great Britain
“Finding Annie Prudence”

Miriam Polli
Alexandria, Virginia

Bryce Pope
Queens, New York
“What Is Progress?”

Misha Rai
Sewanee, Tennessee
“The Same Stick Twice”

John Rex
Royersford, Pennsylvania
“The Horse”

Leslie A. Rodd
San Francisco, California
“A Masterpiece Song from the Loony Bin”

Morgan Smith
Santa Fe, New Mexico
“Messenger of God”

Roderick Townley
Leawood, Kansas
“The Invitation”


Latifa Ayad
Kalamazoo, Michigan
“Octopus Heart”

Amy Beeder
Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Messing with Snakes”

Partridge Boswell
Woodstock, Vermont
“The Escape Artist”

Aubrey Casterline
Los Angeles, California
“Buzzing Magnets”

Kenneth Chung
Los Angeles, California
“The Fireman”

Walden Corcoran
Valley Glen, California
“Flesh of the Egg”

Lauren Domagas
Pleasanton, California
“Egg White”

Clare Gardner
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Adelaide Guth
Crofton, Maryland
“Hollow Bones”

Porter Huddleston
Fort Collins, Colorado
“White Christmas”

Ashish Kaul
Navi Mumbai, India
“The Talking Eyes of a Mute Kashmir”

Seraphine Lai
“Daddy Dearest”

Jacquelyn Learn
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
“An Empty Room”

Christina Loraine
Bradley, Illinois
“The Cloud Collector”

Margarita Meyendorff
High Falls, New York
“What We Wore”

Carla Myers
Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
“You Too Can Make a Golem!”

Wendy Ralph
Estero, Florida
“It’s Your Party”

Mark Rhodes
Simpsonville, South Carolina
“Not Believing in Things Past”

Aline Soules
Danville, California
“The Dress

Yiru Zhang
Nanjing, China
“The Perfect Match”


Zea Archer
Bloomfield, NJ

Joshua Beggs
Kansas City, Missouri
“Higher and Higher and Higher,
a Sampling of Addiction’s Less Popular Flavors”

Toni Bellon
Alpharetta, Georgia
“Ronald Reagan Made Me Do It”

Maya Bernstein-Schalet
Tucson, Arizona
“Sertraline Dreaming”

Michael Cannistraci
New York, New York
“In a Pickle”

Acamea Deadwiler
Las Vegas, Nevada
“Children of the Unspared Rod”

Katie DeBonville
Boston, Massachusetts

James Ellenberger
Richmond, Kentucky
“The Feral Present”

Patty A. Gray
Citrus Heights, California
“Getting Downriver”

Denise Frame Harlan
Ipswich, Massachusetts
“On a Halcyon Day”

Mary Liza Hartong
Nashville, Tennessee
“The Way Back”

Pia Hinckle
San Francisco, California
“Drinking with Dad”

Bridget A. Lyons
Santa Cruz, California
“On Sanderlings, the Collective, and Me”

Andi Myles
Washington, D.C.
“Proposed Treatment: Embodiment”

Carol Raitt
Seattle, Washington
“The Man Who Loved Crows”

Bob Rich
Healesville, Australia
“An Invitation”

Siavash Saadlou
Coquitlam, British Columbia
“The Enemy”

Emily Siner
Nashville, Tennessee
“Fertility Facts”

Barbara Stowe
Pender Island, British Columbia
“Mrs. Blunt’s Bequest”

P. L. Watts
Spokane, Washington
“Negative Space”

— Honorable Mentions —


Paula C. Brancato
Bronx, New York

Carol Flake Chapman
Austin, Texas
“The Cost of a Poem”

Cathleen Cohen
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
“Blue As Any Sky”

Dale Cottingham
Edmond, Oklahoma
“Missive From My Commute”

Robert Daseler
Pasadena, California
“A Climber’s Guide”

Brennan DeFrisco
Beaverton, Oregon
Poem in which the Heart Becomes a Garden”

Kim Farrar
Astoria, New York
“The Brass Tag”

Martha Fowler
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
“Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman”

Kate Kingston
Trinidad, Colorado
“Poets in el Desierto”

Marcia B. Loughran
Astoria, New York
“Ask For a Friend Who Can Fish”

Rekha Mehra
Washington, D.C.
“Shortchanging the Next Occupants”

Liza Porter
Tucson, Arizona
“The perfection of everything”

Mitch Rayes
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ricardo Ruiz
Seattle, Washington
“Don’t Speak Spanish to My Puppy”

Jacob Skinner
Madera, California




Mir Arif
Columbus, Ohio

Marcus Carbo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark Connelly
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“Inside Man”

Hongyi Duan
Baltimore, Maryland
“Three and a Half Lives of a Ferrari”

Grace Glass
Frederick, Maryland

Robert Goodwin
South Windsor, Connecticut
“The Lost Cause”

Marc Hequet
St. Paul, Minnesota

Solomon Jessie
Edinburgh, Great Britain

Prabha Kannan
Los Altos, California
“Facial Recognition”

Elina Kumra
Sunnyvale, California
“Other Impossible Things”

Aren LeBrun
South Portland, Maine
“A World of Wet & Wild Fun”

Kate Levin
New York City, New York
“Food Fight”

John Park
Grove City, Pennsylvania
“Christmas Sale”

John Swartz
Brattleboro, Vermont
“Getting Signal”

Yiru Zhang
Nanjing, Canada
“Dancing at the End of the World”


Erin Chun
New Hyde Park, New York
“The Return”

Sam Clare
Madison, Connecticut
“House of Haunted Mirrors”

John Foley
Rockville, Maryland
“Divorce is My Way into Your Heart”

Nyanka Joseph

Elizabeth, New Jersey
“Spongos The Love Fungus”

Monda Kelley

Brandon, Vermont
“Sara and the Wallet”

Timothy Lord

Bloomington, Illinois
“Handing the Baton”

Grace Murphy
Stoneham, Massachusetts
“This or Then”

Liza Porter
Tucson, Arizona
“Inpatient Treatment #1”

Holly Redell-Witte

Bellingham, Washington
“Astrological Prediction”

Claire Robinson

St. Petersburg, Florida
“All About Fae”

LaVie Saad

Marina Del Rey, California
“Lord of the Fireflies”

Morgan Smith

Santa Fe, New Mexico
“A Blizzard in August”

Danielle Stonehirsch

Silver Spring, Maryland
“The Language of Space”

Fran Turner

Toronto, Canada
“Mustard Blues”

Lauren K Watel

Decatur, Georgia


Kristine Amundrud
Red Deer County, Alberta
“The Awkward Elephant”

Cynthia Close
Burlington, Vermont
“Oh, Wyoming!”

Alexandra Dane
Bainbridge Island, Washington
“To Want All Things”

Hadley Hunt
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
“Sock Monkey”

Trelaine Ito
Washington, D.C.
“The Fourth Floor”

Amy Lipton
Huntington Station, New York
“Ooh La La”

Michael Nichols
Cottonwood, California
“Spring Lightens the Shadows in a Supermax Prison”

Kathryn O’Day
Skokie, Illinois
“Amongst Women”

Joan O’Reilly
Ventura, California
“Blood on the Tracks”

J.R Rice
Oakland, California
“Depends (Good Night)”

Marsh Rose
Cloverdale, California
“The Mystery of the Perfect Pudding”

John Siko
Fort Myers, Florida
“Operation Greenhouse”

Shelley Stoehr
West Haven, Connecticut
“A Girl’s Guide to Camping”

Landon Wittmer
Ada, Michigan
“Love and Water: a Fugue”

Grace Yannotta
Durham, North Carolina
“How to Teach Yourself to Bake in Two Weeks”

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