Ensō | Natalie Mucker

At the beginning of Luke Ossani’s yoga class, I am not entirely myself. I’ve somehow lost touch with half of me, the peaceful half, the part that keeps me from quitting adulthood, buying a one-way ticket to Morocco, or drinking one to five glasses of wine per night…

The Sum of its Parts | Nina Gaby

The setting: A Men’s Co-Occurring Therapy Group takes place in an 80+ bed rural addiction facility, in a small, snow covered state, in the freshly painted almost-purple, “Wild Wisteria” office of the psychiatric nurse practitioner who at the moment is screaming silently in her head…

Tastes | Kirk McDavitt

I’ve never been able to decide on one thing. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking jobs, food, travel, books or movies. There has never been one of any style or genre to which I can fully commit. I want it all. Or, at least…


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