Writing Awards 57

Doug Crandell of Douglasville, Georgia for “Blank Many Days”

Doug Crandell has won fellowships from the Virginia Center for the Arts, the Sherwood Anderson Foundation, the Big River Association, and the Jentel Artist Residency. He is a former Barnes & Nobel Discover Great New Writers pick. His fiction appears in the Best American Mystery Stories 2020 and 2024. Essays have been selected for inclusion in the Pushcart Prize for the 2018 and 2023 anthologies. NPR’s Glynn Washington chose Doug’s story for the 2018 COG Page-to-Screen Award. Stories are forthcoming from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, the SUN Magazine, Missouri Review, and the Raleigh Review. www.dougcrandell.com



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Hal Ackerman
Los Angeles, California

Rascher Alcasid
Bronx, New York

Roberto Argentina
Houston, Texas
“Driving Will Save Me”

Patricia Q. Bidar
San Leandro, California

Lisa DellaPorta
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hayley Gelfuso
St. Charles, Illinois
“Liminal Creatures”

Hannah Horcha
Katy, Texas

Ae-rin Lee
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
“japanese superstar club confessional!”

Kit Mas
New York City, New York

Ed McManis
Denver, Colorado
“The Colors We Become”

Thad Nodine
Santa Cruz, California
“Middle Child”

Lyndsey Pilling
Essex, Great Britain
“Kerouac’s Next Chapter”

Hannah Shepard
Stuyvesant Falls, New York

Nora Shychuk
Fort Collins, Colorado
“Moments After”

Adam Sifre
Wayne, New Jersey
“I Know You”

Jez Stockdale
Oxford, Great Britain
“The Guillotine”

Kristen Talley-Tahir
Pleasanton, California
“The Trick”

Keliher Walsh
Sherman Oaks, California

Dan Winterson
Belmont, California

Rob Wright
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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— Honorable Mentions —


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Coming Soon!


Austin Alexis
New York, New York
“The Operation”

Joshua Beggs
Aurora, Colorado
“The Last McDonald’s”

M.K. Brake
Mount Hermon, Massachussetts
“Every Time a Bell Rings”

Paula C. Brancato
Livingston, New Jersey
“Three Men”

Dana Jaye Cadman
Pleasantville, New York
“The Candy”

Don Carter
Riverdale, New Jersey
“A Trillion Silent Witnesses”

Elizabeth Enright
Kewaskum, Wisconsin
“Hay Fires”

Ava Kinsey
Dunellen, New Jersey
“Full of Grace”

John Kumpf
Princeton, New Jersey

Robin Lanehurst
Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Laxton
Columbus, Georgia
“A Good Horse”

Gwen Mullins
Chattanooga, Tennessee
“Hot Tamales”

Cynthia Rettig
Pacifica, California
“Only that Shore”

Tony Rogers
Cambridge, Massachussetts
“The Tip”

Jeanne Rogow
Indianapolis, Indiana
“The Second Girl”


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